Short-Term Health Sector Specialist

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 3 March 2021

Job Description

Note: This consultancy is remote and doesn’t require physical presence.

Proximity is looking to hire a Short-Term Health Sector Specialist (HSS) for the awarded USAID Syria Accountability and Research Team (ART) program. Syria ART is a 5-year program that will provide the USAID/Middle East Bureau with third-party monitoring, research and analysis for its resilience and stabilization assistance in Syria. ART will independently monitor, verify, and analyze the results of the assistance and also provide independent research and analysis services to inform USAID’s strategy, project, and activity design and implementation.

The HSS will work as part of ART’s Research Unit to support the ART’s ongoing Northeast Syria (NES) Health Sector Assessment. Activities may include research design and execution, data analysis, drafting sections of the report, and presentation of findings. The objectives of the NES Health Sector Assessment are to 1) Provide an updated mapping of health service delivery sites including fixed, mobile and community health worker coverage, mental health services, labs and service coverage gaps by location; 2) Provide a health sector partner matrix including I/NGOs, local councils and Self-Administration authorities; 3) Assess the impact COVID 19 on health service demand and delivery; 4) Provide an analysis of commodity safety, security and stockout vulnerabilities for priority health needs including maternal and child health, family planning, infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, and mental health; 5) Assess current health workforce needs and gaps in northeast Syria including coverage, access and capacity; 6) Assess current health sector governance capacity including development and harmonized use of relevant policies, standards and protocols including processes for community engagement and leadership; 7) Assess the target population prioritization of health needs and kinds of services that are both in demand and trusted; 8) Assess current data needs and gaps including strength of surveillance, data collection, health information systems and data use; 9) Assess gaps and needs in health funding including funding to ensure continuity of services, pandemic response and health security preparedness; and 10) Provide recommendations to international donors to support the health section in NES. The HAS will work under the Research & Analysis Component Lead, and will be required to efficiently coordinate with other ART teams to produce well-sourced, grounded and useful research reports to USAID.


The HSS will work closely with ART’s team on the following tasks:

  • Designing, reviewing, and providing technical guidance on question sets and data collection tools in support of research objectives 1-10 above.

  • Conducting and supporting data analysis in support of research objectives 1-10 above.

  • Reviewing and contributing to outlines and drafts of report sections.

  • Any other tasks to support the production of ART’s NES Health Sector Assessment as determined by the R&A Component Lead.


  • At least 10 years of experience with 5 years’ conducting research and analysis on health systems, public health, and/or health sector governance in humanitarian, development or stabilization settings;

  • (Preferred) Master’s degree in public health, health management, MD, or equivalent or at least 5 years’ experience supporting development and implementation of public health programs and/or total combined years of public health experience and medicine.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English evidenced by high-quality written outputs and effective presentations.

  • Proficiency in English is essential; proficiency in Arabic is strongly preferred.

  • Familiarity with the Syria operating context, local conflict dynamics, stakeholders, geopolitical concerns, and global humanitarian and development response priorities;

  • High level of detail orientation with an emphasis on precision and timeliness;

  • Highly organized, dependable and able to prioritize deadlines and proactively address problems as they arise.

About the Organization

Proximity International, LLC is a women-owned and women-led applied research firm specializing in monitoring, evaluation (M&E), research, and capacity building in fragile contexts. We work closely with the humanitarian and development community in order to fill critical knowledge gaps by providing independent assessments, research and data collection services to improve the targeting, accountability and impact of life-saving programs in conflict settings. Today, Proximity is a rapidly growing organization of talented and motivated researchers, analysts, and technical specialists with an expanding global portfolio.

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