Site Engineer

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 12 November 2018

Job Description

The Site Engineer is responsible for overseeing the performance of all engineering activities related to the project on the field, he/she will, as required, also interact with local community and other stakeholders as well as with the other contractors and actors already present on the site.

She/he must be able to apply, independently, the below duties and responsibilities of the project success criteria:

1.1 General Functions:

  • Plan and coordinate work activities with the Project Manager and manage the field infrastructure works.
  • Manage work plans for all infrastructure works of the project inclusive of works implemented through external service providers, and shall report directly to the Project Manager;
  • Liaise with other project partners including external service providers for planning, training, community awareness programmes and social mobilization;
  • Take timely action to prevent potential delays and/or cost overruns that can be avoided.
  • Report and recommend remedial actions regarding potential delays and/or cost overruns to the Project Manager.
  • Provide supervision of project site work progress and quality for on-time project delivery.
  • Monitor contractor progress on the project site, including Bill of Quantities (BoQ) as per approved contract.
  • Provide data and information about project site work to Project Manager for reporting purposes.
  • Provide regular report to the Project Manager in accordance with pre-agreed schedules and detailing all project site matters including quality, health and safety, environmental and financial, as well as any issues relating to possible delays, cost overruns, variations and any other matter as agreed with the Project Manager.
  • Ensure all works are implemented in conformity with the Project Designs & Specifications, as directed by the Project Manager.
  • Prepares Minutes of the required Project Site Meetings.
  • Maintain diaries and progress reports as required by UNOPS standard procedures.
  • Ensuring that all documentation is properly and safely kept in organized files;
  • Any other business as directed by the Project Manager.

1.2 Construction supervision

  • As tasked by the Project Manager, supervise construction works and administer works execution as per the contractual provisions and the design specifications, as well as ensuring that the norms, regulations, and plans are respected; Ensure quantity/quality control and time schedule consistency.
  • Supervise health, safety, and environmental management activities according to approved plans and regulations for the site under his / her jurisdiction;
  • Verify that works are consistent with the project technical specifications and inform promptly of eventual deviations.
  • Support the overall management of works implementation to ensure constructions works are completed on time, within budget and to quality standards.
  • Manage and keep records about labors and materials on the field; Participate in meetings with contractors and local stakeholders;
  • Review project risks and establish risk response plans.
  • Provide regular supervision of the project site work progress and quality for on time delivery.
  • To arrange and supervise for laboratory and on site testing of materials and works to ensure that all materials and works are completed in conformity with the technical specifications and standards applied under the Project.
  • Ensure that detailed records are kept for tests carried out and quality control plans;
  • Assist the Project Manager in the preparation of project/contracts related documentations such as periodic progress reports, site-monitoring reports, stake holder meeting minutes, engineer’s instructions and variation orders, contractor’s bills review reports, certifications, client hand-over documents and contracts close-out reports.
  • Oversee surveying works, engineering control of the works etc.
  • Providing daily site records with all work activities, information, instructions, issues, according to site format report and as instructed by the Project Manager;
  • Ensuring that all project documentation is properly and safely kept in organized files;

1.3 Knowledge management

  • Assist in providing training and technology transfer to national personnel and contractor’s personnel and advice on good construction practices, good environmental management practices, and appropriate health and safety standards during construction
  • Contribute to the dissemination and sharing of best practices and lessons learned for development planning and knowledge building.

About the Organization

UNOPS supports the successful implementation of its partners’ peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world. Our mission is to serve people in need by expanding the ability of the United Nations, governments and other partners to manage projects, infrastructure and procurement in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Working in some of the world’s most challenging environments, our vision is to advance sustainable implementation practices, always satisfying or surpassing our partners’ expectations.

With over 7,000 personnel spread across 80 countries, UNOPS offers its partners the logistical, technical and management knowledge they need, wherever they need it.

A flexible structure and global reach means that we can quickly respond to our partners' needs, while offering the benefits of economies of scale.Â

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