Software Development Expert

Belgrade, Serbia
Apply by 16 September 2018
Mid-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 18 July 2018

Job Description

This is a local position for Serbian nationals. To apply, CVs should be submitted to by the deadline stated above. Please put “GAI STTA - Software Development” in the subject line.

USAID Government Accountability Initiative (GAI)

Software Development Expert

Background and goal

The Government Accountability Initiative (GAI) is a four year, USAID-funded activity, aimed at strengthening capacities and connections of key Serbian stakeholders to increase government accountability at the national and local levels.

Component 3 of GAI, Adjudication of Corruption Cases, supports the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC), Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office (RPPO), Ministry of Justice (MOJ), specialized anti-corruption court units and prosecutors’ offices. The project was awarded in February 2018, and is implemented by Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc.

Under Component 3 Adjudication of Corruption Cases, GAI will:

  1. Support anti-corruption specialized court units in implementing the new Law on the Organization and Jurisdiction of State Organs in Fight against Organized Crime, Corruption and Terrorism Financing.
  2. Develop procedures and methodology for data collection, record keeping and statistical reporting on corruption cases.
  3. Establish an electronic register of corruption cases (ERCC) to support information sharing between different institutions working on the investigation and prosecution of corruption cases.

The Action Plan for Chapter 23, Activity, foresees establishing a model of unique record keeping (electronic register) for criminal offenses with an element of corruption, in accordance with the law governing the protection of personal data.

It is envisioned that established specialized anti-corruption units in courts and public prosecutor`s offices will be supported with appropriate procedures for quality data collection and analysis, which in turn would enable policy makers to pinpoint obstacles and bottlenecks to successful prosecution and adjudication of corruption cases. To this end, GAI will help establish a system for the collection of unified statistics on corruption, distinguishing clearly between different types of criminal offences, the length of cases, outcome of the proceedings, etc. GAI will approach the creation of an ERCC from legal, technical (hardware/software) and business process streamlining angles simultaneously.

The mechanism will draw wherever possible from the existing case management systems for courts and public prosecutors` offices (AVP, SAPO, SIPRES), and will be designed specifically to offer information meeting the needs of the SCC, MOJ, and indirectly the EU and others. Provision of this data should allow stakeholders to accurately monitor case flows and the increased number of corruption cases taken on by courts and public prosecutors` offices, among other activities. Based on the field visits to specialized A/C units in Higher Courts and Higher Public Prosecutors’ Offices and subsequent conclusions highlighted in GAI’s needs assessment report, GAI has identified absence of an electronic tool that would enable monitoring, identification of the bottlenecks, and statistical and ad hoc reporting on corruption cases. This tool will collect a subset of data on corruption cases and provide authorised users access to information on the case lifecycle and bottlenecks, from its inception in case management system in a public prosecutor`s office to the final verdict in the court of first instance.


The expert will undertake the following tasks:

1. Analyze current state of play regarding the existing case management systems (SAPO, AVP, SIPRES), Judiciary Service Bus, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, with respect to software features and technologies, interoperability and infrastructure used in those systems:

  • Identify criteria for linking of data from multiple systems into the ERCC central database.

2. Prepare detailed technical specifications for an ERCC system that will support preparation of required statistical and ad hoc reporting in four specialized anti-corruption departments in courts and public prosecutor`s offices:

  • Analyze hardware and software requirements for automated data exchange between AVP and SAPO systems.
  • Analyze hardware and software requirements for data extraction and collection in a central ERCC database from AVP and SAPO systems.
  • Analyze hardware and software requirements for administration and reporting from central ERCC database;
  • Analyze and prepare prioritized list of changes to be implemented in the existing case management systems required for reliable data extraction from SAPO and AVP (change tracking, period locking).

3. Collaborate with other GAI consultants working on an ERCC to ensure required comparability of recommendations;

4. Briefings on progress and results as requested by USAID and GAI.


The total level of effort for the task is up to 60 days of work.

The work is anticipated to be completed during the period September 2018 - February 2019.


  • Detailed plan for proposed activities;
  • Report with technical specification outlining:
    • Overview of the current state of play;
    • Automated data exchange between SAPO and AVP in four specialized A/C units in courts and public prosecutor`s offices;
    • Proposed architecture for an ERCC software solution including:
      • Specification of data extraction from SAPO and AVP;
      • Specification of interoperability interface(s) for an ERCC;
      • Logical structure of an ERCC, and
      • Design of the user reporting self-service reporting and administration systems for an ERCC.
    • Hardware and software requirements specification for data exchange and an ERCC system components (i.e. application server and database servers);
    • List of required improvements in SAPO and AVP case management systems.

All deliverables should be prepared in both English and Serbian language.


This is a Mid-level position (7+ years’ experience). In addition, the candidate should have:

  • A degree in technical sciences, organizational sciences or law, preferably MSc and relevant expertise/specialization in IT;
  • At least 5 (five) years of relevant professional experience, as a technical expert, in complex software systems design and development, and database and reporting (DWH and BI) solutions architecture development and implementation;
  • Familiarity with best practices from other countries and relevant data exchange formats and standards;
  • Demonstrated familiarity with the structure/functions/organization of the justice sector in Serbia as well as knowledge of relevant legislation;
  • Demonstrated familiarity with the existing judiciary case management systems and existing statistical and ad-hoc reporting in Serbian judiciary;
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills in English and Serbian.

About the Organization

Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. (Checchi) has worked in international development for over 40 years. The company has operated in more than 140 countries, including a number of fragile states and post-conflict zones, and has implemented nearly 300 long-term contracts. Checchi’s principal areas of specialization include rule of law, anticorruption and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Since launching one of the first international rule of law practices in the late 1980s, Checchi has provided technical assistance and training in the core areas of improving access to justice; court systems administration; legislative and policy reform; judicial training and legal education; public legal awareness; and security sector reform. The company has implemented a number of long- and short-term activities focused exclusively on anticorruption. In addition, many of Checchi’s rule of law projects have included significant anticorruption components and activities. Checchi’s M&E work encompasses projects in more than 50 countries and spans the spectrum of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches to managing and evaluating performance.

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