Sr. Supply Chain Advisor - Nepal

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 21 November 2020
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Job Description

As a senior-level development professional in USAID/Nepal’s home office, the SCM Advisor will lead efforts to expand access to and improve the quality of health commodities, medicines and family planning methods in Nepal.

This is a six-month assignment that will begin as remote with possible travel to Nepal if Covid restrictions and conditions permit.


USAID’s support in the health sector reflects one of the longest standing and most successful development assistance programs in Nepal. Despite a 10-year civil insurgency and recent catastrophic earthquake, Nepal has experienced more than two decades of steady improvement in health and has emerged as one of the few countries to meet the Millennium Development Goals related to reducing maternal and child mortality. Nepal is also making progress towards the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, and combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases. However, challenges remain, including significant equity gaps based on geography, caste, wealth quintile, and other factors. Additionally, the ongoing decentralization process related to federalism has disrupted every major health system.

As one of the largest health sector donors, USAID has a strong and collaborative partnership with the Government of Nepal (GON) to improve the survival and quality of life of all Nepalis through equitable and well-governed health systems. Aligned with the GON’s health strategy, USAID builds on existing efforts to address the needs of women, girls, and other vulnerable groups, promoting research for policymaking and engaging other donors and civil society in health.

USAID/Nepal’s HO manages programming in maternal and child health; nutrition; water, sanitation, hygiene, and water resources management; HIV/AIDS; disability/rehabilitation; infectious disease; and family planning/reproductive health. In addition, USAID/Nepal invests in cross-cutting areas of systems strengthening support, including: strengthening the decentralized health system through improved health governance, financing, and data for decision-making; improving HRH capacity; and strengthening supply chain and pharmaceutical management systems to support sustainable access to and appropriate use of safe, effective, quality-assured, and affordable essential medicines and related pharmaceutical equipment.

In supply chain management, USAID works to improve the effectiveness of supply chain governance, strategic planning and coordination, warehousing and distribution, supply chain workforce development, and the electronic Logistics Management Information System (eLMIS) to improve stock management for essential medicines. In pharmaceutical management, USAID strengthens pharmaceutical sector governance; enhances the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP), Department of Drug Administration’s (DDA’s) drug registration/evaluation and regulatory systems; increases the availability and use of information for decision-making; and promotes patient-centered pharmaceutical services for easy access and appropriate use of medicines to help assure therapeutic efficacy, patient safety, and the achievement of desired health outcomes.

HO has 18 staff organized into two technical teams: 1) Maternal, Neonatal, Child Health and Nutrition, 2) HIV/AIDS, Family Planning/Reproductive Health, and Social Marketing.


1. 45% Time: Provides technical and programmatic oversight of key components of USAID/Nepal’s health portfolio as well as supports USAID’s supply chain management activities.

a) Provide technical and programmatic support to the Activity Manager and USAID/Washington COR for the five-year, $15 million buy-in to the GHSC-PSM IDIQ award, by reviewing implementing partner annual work plans, monitoring and evaluation plans, semi-annual and annual progress reports, and ensuring appropriate technical approach and content. The SCM Advisor will provide technical guidance during program implementation.

b) Provide technical and programmatic support to the Activity Manager and USAID/Washington COR for the five-year, $5 million buy-in to the CCP award, by reviewing implementing partner annual work plans, monitoring and evaluation plans, semi-annual and annual progress reports, and ensuring appropriate technical approach and content. The SCM Advisor will provide technical guidance during program implementation and ensure timely contraceptives procurement and delivery to CRS and GON whenever it is required.

c) In coordination with the M&E Advisor, manage health logistics, and supply chain data analysis and targeted studies as needed.

d) Support the Activity Manager to monitor implementing partner compliance with the U.S. Government’s legal/policy requirements, global changes in best practices and national quality standards on health logistics and supply chain management.

e) Prepare resource requests, strategy documents and reports for Nepal Mission and Washington.
f) Establish and lead integrated project/activity management groups for health logistics and supply chain management.

g) Support HO technical staff in in reviewing construction/re-construction of health facilities to ensure their alignment with MOHP construction guidance and standards.

2. 25% Time: Ensures coordination and synergy of supply chain management activities with other USAID/Nepal health activities and other related activities supported by other donor partners:

a) Participate as a USAID/Nepal representative in technical, programmatic and policy development meetings with the MOHP, donors, other USAID implementing partners, and non-governmental organizations.

b) Ensure technical and programmatic synergy between USAID supply chain management activities and the other governmental and non-governmental health logistics activities by facilitating exchange of technical information and identifying opportunities for partnership on technical and programmatic activities.

c) Participate in supply chain management-related donor meetings with MOHP as a senior-level USAID/Nepal representative.

d) Support HO staff in coordinating and organizing consultation meetings and technical meetings with GON and relevant donors in planning, implementation and evaluation of health logistics and supply chain management programs.

e) Provide expert-level advice to the MOHP and donor partners regarding health logistics-related activities and investments.

f) Provide technical and programmatic input for the implementation of drug quality control and pharmaceutical system strengthening activities.

3. 30% Time: Serves as a senior-level professional member of the USAID/Nepal HO:

a) Participate in regular weekly technical team meetings, HO meetings, health logistics meetings, and other USAID/Nepal routine mission-wide meetings.

b) Provide technical and programmatic input and participates in planning and presentation of the annual portfolio review to USAID/Nepal senior management and the GON.

c) Coordinates and communicates regularly with other members of the HO and other USAID/Nepal staff on administrative, technical, programmatic and policy issues related to health logistics and supply chain management, procurement, drug quality, and construction.

d) Coordinate, write, and edit technical and scientific materials, reports, briefings and presentations related to health logistics and supply chain for USAID/Nepal.

e) Support the GHSC-PSM and CCP Activity Managers and USAID/Washington CORs in fiscally monitoring activities in close cooperation with USAID’s Office of Controller (OC).

f) Assist in reviewing contractor and grantees’ financial reports for compliance with USAID requirements and procedures.

g) Provide input for the preparation of HO financial management documentation in areas of program responsibility, with input from responsible technical and finance staff. Provide input for the preparation of Implementation Letters for commitment of U.S. funds.


• A Master’s degree in public health, business or supply chain management or relevant field.
• A minimum of five years of prior mid-level experience in public health supply chain management
and logistics. Prior work experience with USAID or another international agency. Experience
managing programs, including fiscal management is desired. 
• Level IV (fluent) in English is required.    
• Working knowledge of technical and programmatic supply chain/health logistics, and the
approaches to address them through public/private sector partnerships and social marketing is
required. Knowledge of evaluation methods, both quantitative and qualitative is desired.    
• Must possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with USAID,
USAID implementing partners, central, provincial, district level and local level GON and
nongovernmental organization counterparts.
• Must possess high quality analytical skills and the ability to assess ongoing public health
interventions to evaluate their efficacy and efficiency.
• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing is essential.
• Word-processing and computer skills are required.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to work in a team environment.     

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