<strong>Nepal, Forensic Legal Specialist &#x28;1-2 weeks&#x29;</strong>

  • Volunteer
  • Posted on 14 March 2011
  • Nepal
  • Closing on 13 March 2011

Job Description

ABA ROLI is implementing a two-year forensic capacity-building grant program in Nepal. One component of the program is to train technicians from Nepal’s independent National Forensic Science Laboratory (NAFOL) on the technical and legal dimensions of DNA analysis for potential use in criminal cases.

ABA ROLI seeks a Legal Specialist to lead a three-day training workshop in February 2011 for about six NAFOL technicians at their Kathmandu-based laboratory on how DNA evidence is introduced in a courtroom, its probative value, and how it compares in significance with other types of evidence (documentary, testimony, material), as well as how to articulate most effectively the nature and scope of their DNA analysis and findings through expert testimony. The training should include mock direct and cross-examinations. The Legal Specialist will be accompanied by a locally-hired legal expert who will provide the lab technicians with background information on the rules of criminal evidence in Nepal and on governing case law related to the admissibility of and evidentiary weight accorded DNA evidence. The Legal Specialist will need to determine how many hours that background section should last (up to a half-day maximum) and coordinate on the training with the Nepalese legal expert.

This legal training will immediately follow a five-day training led by an international DNA technical expert on how to set up a DNA database at the lab, how to analyze DNA samples using the laboratory’s DNA-VIEW analytical software, how to determine matches with collected ante-mortem samples, and how to avoid contamination of the evidence in the course of the lab analysis.

The ideal candidate for this work would have the following background and credentials:

•A JD degree

•A minimum of eight (8) years as a prosecutor (state, federal, or international courts)

•Experience working outside the US in foreign criminal legal systems (with some knowledge of non-US evidentiary standards and procedures)

•Experience with criminal cases involving murder, extra-judicial killings, and/or enforced disappearances

•Criminal case experience working with forensic scientists

•Experience in presenting DNA evidence at trial and in working with witnesses to represent expert testimony on DNA analysis, methodology, and findings

•Training experience related to criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Application: To apply for the International Pro Bono Legal Specialist Program please Click Here. Please also be prepared to upload your resume. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.