Team Leader and Senior Public Financial Management Expert (KE1)

  • Posted on 20 May 2019

Job Description

Project: State Building Contract – complementary support Engagement: Long-term, 550 working days Location: Sierra Leone Project description

The general objective of the overall SBC III is to promote sustainable and inclusive growth and support the consolidation of peace-building and the state-building processes in Sierra Leone. The specific objective of the SBC III project is improved resilience to face external shocks and in reaching the New Deal Peace-building and State-building Goal (PSG) of ‘improved management of revenue and increased capacity for accountable and fair service delivery’.

The purpose of this contract is: To strengthen institutional capacity in PFM, including revenue management, strategic planning and monitoring, budget formulation, execution and oversight, both at the central and at the selected sector levels and monitoring/evaluation of the development policy.

The expected results of this project are as follows:

  • Result 1: Strengthened monitoring and evaluation capacity of MoPED and targeted line ministries to enhance capacity for measuring and assessing progress in the implementation of national development and sector policies;
  • Result 2: Enhanced implementation, reporting and review process of the PFM strategy 2018 - 2021;
  • Result 3: Improved revenue mobilization;
  • Result 4: Enhanced capacity for strategic planning and budget formulation, at central and at sector level, with a focus on selected line ministries (education and agriculture);
  • Result 5: Improved quality of in-year and annual financial statements;
  • Result 6: Improved procurement planning, more competitive procurement and improved procurement oversight;
  • Result 7: Improvement in internal audit and enhanced capacity of internal audit units in the line ministries and agencies and Improved management response to audit recommendations issued by Internal Audit and by the Auditor General;
  • Result 8: Improved Budget Support Monitoring and Assessment.
Qualifications and skills
  • A degree in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Development studies or relevant discipline, or equivalent experience. Postgraduate qualification preferred.
  • Ability to understand the political environment and build strong relationships with Government to achieve results.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Strong team leadership skills, including ability to create, motivate and manage a strong team, drive the strategic vision of the project, identify opportunities for impact and link up members of the team on joint tasks as appropriate.
General professional experience
  • A minimum of 12 years of professional experience in public finance management reforms in developing countries.
Specific professional experience

The expert must have had at least 5 years and preferably 10 years of experience within a ministry or public service/organization either as a public official/employee or external advisor/consultant in the context of Public Finance.

Management systems and reform processes such as:
- Strategic reporting on implementation and monitoring & evaluation of development strategies/plans;
- Development, revision and/or implementation of results monitoring frameworks;
- PFM reform strategies and reporting frameworks;
- Budget planning and formulation at Ministry of Finance or Sector Ministry level;
- Government accounting and reporting, including experience with the International Public Sector Accounting Standards;
- Budget planning and execution, including at the sector level (education and agriculture);
- Accounting and financial reporting;
- Public procurement reform;
- Payroll cleaning and man power planning;

  • Proven experience in the context of European Union budget support procedures.
  • Proven mentoring and advisory skills and an ability to ensure transfer of knowledge and skills in a PFM related context.
  • Experience working on PFM reform in developing countries, preferably in Sierra Leone or West Africa.
  • Experience as team leader on a project of similar size and scope, preferably in a similar context. Experience in motivating and managing a team and driving a strong vision of work objectives throughout the life of the project.
  • Demonstrated experience working in challenging, low capacity environments.

About the Organization

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