Team Leader – Community Development Specialist (Hausa speaking)

Apply by 10 May 2018
Posted on 10 April 2018

Job Description

Project title: Support to coordination of EU funded interventions in Borno State

Brief description: The overall objective of the new (11th EDF) EU Support for Response, Recovery and Resilience in Borno State of which this contract will be a part is as follows: “building the resilience of conflict affected people and public sector institutions in Borno State in an environment-friendly way”

The purposes of the project are as follows:

  • To provide project management support to the EU Delegation in Abuja ensuring a coordinated and efficient implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EU funded actions in Borno State;
  • To provide overall technical advice and support to Borno State Government, in particular the Borno State Ministry of Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Triple R Ministry), contributing to a better coordinated, targeted, managed and monitored response to the crisis;
  • To participate in local coordination with humanitarian and development partners and State and Federal authorities and to liaise with all actors directly or indirectly involved in EU funded actions in Borno State, including EU Trust Fund actions.

Results to be achieved:

  • Efficient implementation of all activities and achievement of expected targets at programme level for all components of the “EU support for response, recovery and resilience in Borno State”, as well as effective coordination with other EU funded humanitarian and development activities;
  • Successfully manage and implement the monitoring and evaluation systems put in place for the programme to: (a) indicate the level of alignment to the planned programme results and objectives of the various EU-funded grantees and proffer solutions (b) indicating delays and risks;
  • EU’s representation in platforms of dialogue and response coordination at Borno State level is ensured and continuous coordination with DG ECHO field representatives and development actors working in Borno is enhanced;
  • The level of knowledge and understanding at the EU Delegation in Abuja of local challenges and problems related to the implementation of EU funded programs is enhanced through regular and timely reporting. This includes frequent updates about the security situation in the State and the contractor is expected to actively engage with all EU projects in Borno State in this regard;
  • Monitor achievement of programme indicators.

Commencement date of the project: July 2018 (indicative)

Duration of the assignment: 620 work days over 36 months


Qualifications and skills

- The Team Leader must possess a Master degree in Development Studies, Management, International Relations, Economics or equivalent qualification in a relevant field of study

- Demonstrated/documented experience in the use of the Internet, Microsoft Office Suite or comparable software for word processing, spread sheet, presentation tools, etc. is required

General professional experience

- A minimum of three (3) years of practical experience in community development or related fields

- Demonstrated/documented experience in the area of service delivery in challenged operating environments

- Demonstrated/documented experience with participatory approaches, which engage primary stakeholders fully throughout the project cycle process, is preferred

- Demonstrated/documented experience in the Hausa-speaking Northern Nigeria would be an advantage

Specific professional experience

- A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the management of externally funded projects is required in developing countries

- A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the last ten (10) years in the direct implementation of projects financed by the European Union or international donor partners is required. Experience in the preparation and implementation of tender dossiers within this context is required

- A minimum of three (3) years’ relevant work experience in an English-speaking environment in the last ten (10) years is required if English is not the mother tongue

- Fluency (speak, read) in Hausa is required, while fluency in Kanuri would be considered an advantage

- Demonstrated/documented experience in monitoring the sustainability of programme activities and evaluate overall progress on achievement of results

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