Team Leader for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 23 September 2020

Job Description


The HIV Team Leader will work independently with wide latitude for the exercise of independent judgment to provide management and strategic leadership to the HIV Team in the following ways:

Strategic Leadership and Program Management 60%

The HIV Team Leader is fully responsible for the entire USAID HIV/AIDS/TB portfolio under the Malawi PEPFAR program. The HIV Team Leader will provide overall strategic leadership, management and implementation oversight for the complex and diverse HIV/AIDS/TB program and serve as a USAID technical expert and leader within the interagency PEPFAR space. The HIV Team Leader will lead the strategic planning, development, oversight, management, and assessment of USAID/Malawi’s PEPFAR-funded HIV/AIDS programs in areas such as HIV testing services, HIV treatment and retention, voluntary male medical circumcision, and comprehensive HIV programming targeting priority populations such as Key Populations, orphans and vulnerable children, and Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW).

The HIV Team Leader carries out a full range of consultative, advisory, strategic, coordinating, planning and evaluation responsibilities related to the assigned portfolio, and ultimately is responsible for overseeing development and management of all HIV Team mechanisms, strategic leadership, planning, budgeting, and reporting against both USAID and PEPFAR requirements. The HIV Team Leader is responsible for the development and implementation of annual Country Operational Plans (COPs), ensuring plans are designed according to USAID’s strategic advantage and sufficient funds are allocated to reach goals. The incumbent initiates new programs and activities in accordance with the Ministry of Health policies, guidelines and protocols and PEPFAR public health program goals, objectives, and policies. This includes playing a lead role in strategic planning and program development through the provision of direct technical assistance, and well executed program planning with partners.

The HIV Team Leader will be responsible for planning a broad range of HIV/AIDS activities, including identifying opportunities for integrating development assistance principles with HIV/AIDS sector programs; participating in the formation of policies and guidelines to further HIV/AIDS activities in the geographic area; and, coordinating program development, implementation, and performance monitoring plans that encourage HIV/AIDS activities.

The HIV Team Leader is the senior public health advisor who will provide highest level strategic and leadership services and is responsible for the strategic planning, design, management, and implementation oversight of USAID/Malawi’s HIV/AIDS/TB prevention, care, and treatment investments as they relate to health activities related to the PEPFAR program. The Team Leader is recognized by the USG and the GOM as an expert in the field of HIV/AIDS/TB care, treatment, and prevention and serves as a key advisor to mission management, the PEPFAR Interagency, the GOM, and to implementing partners (IPs).

A key activity of the HIV Team is to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate PEPFAR-funded HIV/AIDS programs that are carried out by cooperating/implementing partners. This requires close cooperation with other donor agencies, implementing and/or cooperative agreement partners, facilitation during implementation, frequent monitoring and, in liaison with the Strategic Information unit, evaluating partner performance against desired results that are in accordance with USAID and PEPFAR guidelines and protocols. The incumbent ensures that program requirements of USAID grants, contracts and/or cooperative agreement are correctly followed and according to PEPFAR and international HIV/AIDS program standards. Independently or in coordination with other experts, the job holder prepares and presents comprehensive program reviews to include accomplishments, challenges and recommendations on curtailing or expanding programs.

The HIV Team Leader keeps abreast of current and new HIV care and treatment issues, guides and crafts USG/USAID policy and programs in Malawi in the area of HIV prevention, care and treatment service delivery, interprets and advises the Office and Mission on implications and implementation options to maximize programmatic opportunities (as strategic and cost-effective) within Malawi’s integrated programming environment.

The HIV Team Leader will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the large HIV Team, including supervision, management, mentoring, coaching and technical direction of staff. The HIV Team Leader will directly supervise 3-6 technical staff, while providing strategic oversight and technical direction to all 27 staff on the HIV team, who are responsible for a portfolio of 20 activities with a total estimated annual value of over $70 million. S/he will also supervise, coach and mentor individuals (junior, mid-level, and senior foreign-service nationals) and teams within the HIV team to improve overall performance. The HIV Team Leader will create a supportive work environment that values diversity, and elicits the highest possible level of performance from the entire team. S/he will set clear individual and team work objectives and ensure that staff members meet those approved work objectives.

Representation, Interagency Coordination, and Reporting 40%

The HIV Team Leader will serve as a USAID lead on the interagency PEPFAR Management team ensuring coordination of work plan development, implementation strategies, and evaluation plans for all USG agency activities in Malawi. The incumbent will represent USAID in internal and external technical, policy, and strategic planning PEPFAR meetings with Embassy Front Office, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Gender officials, civil-society organizations, and other development partners. As an integral member of the PEPFAR Management team, s/he will provide technical direction and guidance to PEPFAR technical working groups and implementing partners. S/he will also coordinate USAID/Malawi’s HIV portfolio with other USAID-funded organizations, other USG agencies, development partners, and the private sector within Malawi.

The incumbent coordinates closely with and provides guidance to the Government of Malawi HIV/AIDS program to ensure U.S. government investments in the HIV care and treatment sectors are in line with the GOM strategic framework and are effectively and transparently implemented. The HIV Team Leader will coordinate and negotiate with senior Government of Malawi and USG officials, other donors, implementing partners, civil society, and private-sector partners to improve implementation, strengthen partnerships, and improve coordination. The incumbent will also liaise with partner-country officials of other ministries and government entities, such as Finance, Planning, Education and Economic Development, on plans and programs. The HIV Team Lead also liaises with the Global Health Bureau in Washington DC and the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator and orients USAID’s health program to align optimally with principles and program objectives of PEPFAR.

The incumbent is a key player in the U.S. Mission’s interagency health efforts. S/he serves as the first point of contact to the U.S. Mission Leadership for all HIV-related USAID issues, partners and programs. In coordination with the PEPFAR Senior Management team, the incumbent keeps the Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission up to date on the status of the program through regular briefings and written communication.

The HIV Team Leader has a direct leadership role in the development of the annual PEPFAR Country Operational Plan, Annual Performance Report, quarterly PEPFAR Oversight and Accountability Review Team meetings, Expenditure Analysis, and End of Fiscal Year reporting. S/he will also ensure compliance with the Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS) requirements while ensuring that SIMS analysis is incorporated into program implementation. S/he will also be responsible for producing high quality portfolio analyses and presentations, and other key requirements, as directed by OGAC or USAID.

Supervisory Relationship: The HIV Team Leader will receive supervision and broad administrative guidance from the HPN Office Director and/or Deputy Director. The HIV Team Leader is expected to exercise considerable independent judgment and will have a wide latitude to take initiative, acting proactively in planning and carrying out his/her assignment with significant autonomy, consulting the supervisor only when circumstances indicate an exceptional need for clarity and direction. The incumbent works independently, providing leadership to others involved in the management of the HIV/AIDS/TB portfolio, and in the development, design, and drafting of the new HIV projects/activities. Results of the work are considered technically authoritative and are normally accepted without significant change. If the work should be reviewed, the review concerns such matters as fulfillment of program objectives, effect of advice and influence on the overall program, or the contribution to the advancement of the program.

Supervisory Controls: The HIV Team Leader will provide oversight and managerial leadership to the HIV Team comprising of 27 professionals and technical experts. The incumbent will lead, direct and manage the HIV Team staff members to ensure they meet the Office and Mission strategic goals and objectives.



The complex and highly technical and visible nature of the position requires a minimum a Master’s degree in medicine, laboratory sciences, international public health, social sciences, health care development or other applicable related field.

Work Experience

At least ten (10) years of progressive professional experience in designing, implementing, managing and monitoring large scale public health programs, including programs related to HIV epidemic control, is required. The ideal candidate should demonstrate a clear progression in his or her previous work experience and have experience working on HIV or other public health programming. At least seven (7) years of demonstrated supervisory experience in leading and managing large, diverse teams of professional staff. Prior experience in a high-level management position is required. Experience working with US government agencies, other donors, international organizations, public international organizations, and/or other relevant development stakeholders is required. Demonstrated experience working with high-level host country counterparts, in- country program managers, policy makers and a broad array of international health service providers and community leaders.

CLOSING DATE AND TIME: October 15, 2020

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