Team Leader for the Social Protection Support Programme

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 30 March 2017

Job Description

Project description:
The Department for International Development (DFID) is currently implementing a programme of support to social protection (Social Protection Support, SPS), in Mozambique, which has recently been extended. We are looking to recruit a team leader in order to contribute to this innovative programme. A Technical Assistance and Innovation Facility (TAIF) will be established to provide assistance, build capacity and support innovations in social protection for the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Action (MGCAS) and the National Institute for Social Action (INAS), as part of a second phase of the DFID-funded Social Protection Support Programme, which will run from 2017 to 2020 and aims to deliver the outcome of “a more comprehensive and sustainable basic social security system” in Mozambique.

DFID Mozambique is seeking a service provider to establish, manage and deliver the TAIF. The TAIF will be responsible for delivering components 2 and 3 of the DFID programme:

  • Component 2 – TAIF will support strengthening of GoM capacity, and innovation, focusing on developing public works assets that contribute to climate resilience.
  • Component 3 – the TAIF will also support the introduction of the GoM’s new Early Childhood Grant (ECG) which will be designed to tackle stunting caused by chronic malnutrition, and the funding for the value of the transfers delivered through component 3 is expected to reach the families of at least 23,000 infants for two years.

Job description:
The Team Leader role includes overall responsibility for managing this multi-component programme of technical assistance, capacity building, innovation fund management and grant fund management for social protection system strengthening. As the Team Leader, your key focus will be to lead effective programme implementation, including financial and technical management. You will also be responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of the programme, including financial and team management, stakeholder engagement, managing and supervising research, monitoring and evaluation, ensuring delivery of timely and quality outputs within the project budget.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Overseeing all managerial and technical aspects of the programme, including component design and set-up as well as implementation, aiding and troubleshooting when necessary, controlling and managing the programme to a successful completion for DFID
  • Supervising and coordinating with national and international team members (medium and short term) who will provide support in areas where programme strengthening and innovation is required, and also contribute to policy and strategy development and implementation of systems, and programme reforms.
  • Working with MGCAS and INAS to commissioning technical support and research from the TAIF fund as required.
  • Close liaison with government counterparts and institutions, donor coordination and building rapport with other key institutions and implementers, including UN agencies, government NGOs, and private sector organisations, driving delivery and influencing decision making and efforts.
  • Influencing local social protection policy and strategy development and the implementation of systems and programme reforms.
  • Leading and supervising the development of a strategy for sustainable results including possible upscaling.


  • Candidates should hold a master’s level degree (or equivalent) in planning, economics, development, management studies or any other related discipline.
  • Candidates must have extensive and substantial experience in the field of social protection
  • Significant experience leading large, complex, multi-component donor-funded projects in challenging and fast-changing environments
  • Track record of successfully building the capacity of local partners to deliver, monitor and evaluate social protection programming and coordination in contexts similar to (and ideally including) Mozambique
  • Fluency in English and Portuguese or Spanish
  • Excellent communications (written and verbal and diplomatic skills), facilitation and interpersonal skills, and experience dealing with high-level officials
  • Excellent report writing skills and ability to undertake quality assurance of research and evaluation products.
  • Working knowledge of DFID’s approaches to social protection policy and programming
  • Experience in procuring and contracting services and providing embedded technical assistance on a flexible demand-driven basis to governments.
  • Experience in innovation fund management and grant programme management including innovative (e.g. mobile) payment mechanisms

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