Team Leader (KE1) - BOOST AFRICA Technical Assistance Pool

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 23 July 2020
  • Central Africa | West Africa
  • Closing on 31 August 2020

Job Description

Project title: BOOST AFRICA Technical Assistance Pool

Brief project description: The overall objectives of the TA is to contribute to meeting the general objective of the Boost Africa Project that is to enable and enhance entrepreneurship and innovation across Africa in a commercially viable way and to address a current gap in the Sub-Saharan market, by providing early stage venture capital paired with skills development.

The specific objective of the Boost Africa TA Pool, aims to support the development of the supply side of financing for innovative early stage SMEs and Mid-Caps in Africa by strengthening the operational capacity of the Financial Intermediaries and their portfolio Final Beneficiaries.

Funded through grant capital, the TA Pool will likewise provide its services to fund managers and their portfolio enterprises as grants.

By directly strengthening the human capacities, performance, networks and visibility of the Boost portfolio, the program also supports the establishment of a robust venture network across sub-Sahara Africa to support the growth and sustainability of SMEs, and enhancing employment opportunities for youth and women. In particular by:

  • Catalysing further private sector investments. Through a layered financing structure (combining senior and junior tranches of investment), the initiative looks to have a catalytic effect by attracting resources from other DFIs/private sector investors and sovereign entities to a market segment that they would have difficulties approaching due to the involved risks. This program in turn should support the growth and resilience of the overall African financial sector for early stage, high-growth funds and enterprises.
  • Achieving Commercial Returns. To support a sustainable early stage investment sector, it is imperative that investments provide returns commensurate with their risk profile. While the junior tranche is anticipated to provide a level of risk mitigation, the senior tranche investments are targeted to provide market-based returns for the underlying investment profile. By targeting market-based returns, Boost anticipates that fund managers will be able to continue to attract investors into their funds, resulting in their capacity to grow their commercially oriented investment portfolio. In particular, the TA Pool looks to ensure that fund managers have the commensurate skills and resources to achieve commercial returns.
  • Creating high value jobs. A main objective of the BAIP is to address the brain drain by creating quality jobs, in particular for young educated Africans for whom lack of economic opportunity is the root causes of migration. It is therefore crucial that Boost Africa specifically targets countries and regions affected by migration, and promotes inclusive job creation for affected communities.
  • Supporting African Entrepreneurship. Innovative start-ups in Africa are starting to show important economic and development impact yet require significant assistance to reach their potential. Through the strengthening of local entrepreneurship ecosystems, local networks and the links between incubators, accelerators and funds, as envisaged through the TA and the ELab components under the Boost Africa Programme, local entrepreneurs will be empowered and obtain befitting support to start and grow their business ventures successfully.

Brief description of the assignment:

  • TA Pool Program management; chief liaison to the EIB ensures quality, compliance, and relevancy of services.
  • Develop management processes, workflows, documentation and communication systems to ensure timely, cost-effective best-in-class TA services to beneficiaries as well as efficient, value-added engagement with all key stakeholders;
  • Engage with EIB team to assess needs and coordinate the delivery of relevant, best-in-class TA services;
  • Ensure alignment with EIB and Boost program priorities;
  • Ensure compliance with EIB procedures;
  • Provides direct mentoring support to fund managers and entrepreneurs;
  • Provide program monitoring and assessment.

Commencement date of the project: December 2020

Duration of the assignment: minimum 550 working days over 60 months


Qualifications and skills:

- Master’s Degree or equivalent educational degree in business, economics, law, science or engineering;

- Fluency in English and good working knowledge of French.

General professional experience

- 10 years international experience is required;

- 5 years professional experience in the area of investing, finance, organizational development, private sector/business development, development economics/business growth strategies in developing countries;

- 5 years of experienced in providing technical assistance/support and business development services for early stage companies (startups and SMEs).

Specific professional experience:

- 5 years professional experience in working with and/or managing IFI/donor (e.g. EIB, EBRD WB, AFDB, AFD, EC etc.) financed TA development projects;

- Experience in capacity building and business development for SMEs in developing countries is an asset;

- Experience with VC funds management and development is an asset.

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