Team Leader (KE1), International Urban and Regional Cooperation in Asia & the Pacific -– Bilateral Action China

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 29 May 2020

Job Description

Project title: International Urban and Regional Cooperation in Asia & the Pacific - Bilateral Action China

Brief description of the project: The overall objective of the project is to lead and develop a form of decentralised international urban and regional co-operation between the EU and China whose main axes of activity would be two-fold: sustainable urban development and innovation.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

  • To develop cooperation between EU and Chinese participating cities in order to improve and feed EU cities’ practices on sustainable urban development (component 1);
  • To develop innovation cooperation between the EU and selected regions in China (component 2)

The project will be embedded in the relevant EU’s political dialogue with China, i.e. the High Level Regional and Urban Policy Dialogue. It will this contribute to the policy dialogue as well as to the implementation of the Action Plan (2020-2025) on Comprehensively Deepening EU China Regional Policy Cooperation (to be signed at the next High Level Dialogue). It includes an important element of EU economic growth through promotion of business opportunities. Given its innovation dimension the project is expected to create complementary value to the High Level Innovation Cooperation Dialogue, too.

Brief description of the assignment: The team leader is responsible for the overall management and monitoring of the project, the implementation project tasks and activities and the achievement of results. This responsibility includes in particular:

  • Coordinating and managing individual key and non-key expert inputs and the inputs of any other stakeholders that are involved in the activities ensuring that their inputs are delivered in a timely manner;
  • Liaison with all relevant levels of government, international organisations, project partners, stakeholders and relevant organisations for effective coordination of all project activities;
  • Achievement of results against the approved plans and roadmaps in a timely fashion;
  • Reporting, including financial reporting;
  • Delivery of timely and high quality content to the IURC knowledge-sharing platform and database, which are key tools for the project;
  • Monitoring and management of the project risks identified, and alert of new risks to the contracting authority for consideration and decision on possible mitigation actions if required; update the status of these risks by maintaining a project risks log;
  • Oversee and ensure timely submission (and dissemination, once approved) of all reports and deliverables required by these terms of reference and any others agreed during the project.

In addition to the overall responsibility for the project work, the team leader should also share the lead on specific tasks as defined in chapter 4.2 of the ToR with Key Expert 2.

S/he will be the primary contact for the EU and the overall global IURC action.

Duration of the assignment: 660 working days over 36 months (full-time)


The team leader shall fulfil the following minimum requirements in the absence of which the offer will be rejected:

Qualifications and skills:

- University degree at master’s level (or equivalent) in a discipline relevant to the scope of the assignment (e.g. social sciences, political science, international studies, economics, communication, geography, urban planning/development, architecture, engineering etc.);

- In the absence of a Master’s degree, equivalent relevant professional experience of at least three (3) years in addition to the required at least five (5) years of general professional experience;

- High proficiency of written and spoken English.

The proposed KE1 must demonstrate the following skills:

- Excellent oral and written communication, facilitation and presentation skills required for communicating convincingly in a trust-building manner with a wide range of stakeholders;

- Strong analytical and diplomatic skills;

- Strong reporting and article drafting skills;

- Strong and proven people management skills to lead, motivate, and manage multi-cultural teams and individuals towards delivering high-quality results;

- Strong computer literacy skills;

- Eye for detail and accuracy, to ensure high-quality standards for the implementation and impact of all activities.

General professional experience

- Minimum five (5) years, proven post-graduate professional experience in fields related to the assignment.

Specific professional experience

- Minimum three (3) years, proven post-graduate experience in leading teams in a team managing function in the public or private sector or in public-funded projects of similar size and duration;

- Having undertaken at least two (2) assignments of minimum 6 months in at least two (2) projects related to cooperation between sub-national entities and/or their groupings in the past 5 years.

In addition to the minimum requirements described above, the following assets apply. The assets will not form a basis for the rejection of an offer but will be used to further assess the strengths of key expert 1 that meets the minimum requirements:

  • Experience in EU external aid procedures;
  • Experience in EU policy and action in fields covered by the project;
  • Experience of working in China.

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