Team Leader, MCC Funded Transportation Project, International Development

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 1 August 2018

Job Description


The Team Leader will be the primary responsible party for administrative coordination and deliverables and will manage the program review, evaluation design and implementation process. These evaluations are complex, covering many skills sets, and it is important that the different analyses are integrated into one evaluation, with each part informing the others. The Team Leader will be responsible for ensuring this integration.

Job Description:

Must have at least 10-15 years of demonstrated experience managing large, complex teams, and an understanding of all aspects of the evaluation (this includes knowledge in road engineering, transportation economics, evaluation, and political economy, each as relevant to the Call Order evaluation), which can be demonstrated through education or experience.

Must have, at a minimum, a Master’s degree in a field relevant to the Call Order and a minimum of 10-15 years relevant experience in that field. A background in Asia, Southeast Asia, and/or the Philippines, is strongly preferred.

General qualifications and expertise are required for the evaluation team as a whole

  • Experience of personnel in designing and carrying out evaluations in the transportation sector.
  • Strong, demonstrated experience in transportation economics and HDM-4/RED modeling. This experience shall include strong skills in statistics and econometrics as well as in data collection and analysis, and related fields as required by country-specific analyses. The team should demonstrate an understanding of the of the data inputs required for HMD-4/RED and its use and application with the ERR models in accordance with MCCs stated needs;
  • Experience carrying out performance evaluation;
  • Strong economic, statistics and econometrics skills, including experience with statistical sampling, econometric modeling relevant for analyses and assessment of transportation markets.
  • Experience with the design and implementation of origin and destination surveys in developing country context.
  • Experience coordinating with developing country governments, ministries and/or local NGOs/Community Based Organizations for the design and implementation of evaluations, including addressing weaknesses as needed.
  • Strong, demonstrated experience in roads management, engineering, and maintenance including experience with road data collection methods
  • Experience ensuring quality assurance/quality control for HDM-4 data input and modeling.
  • Strong, demonstrated experience with quantitative and qualitative research methods, including the ability to integrate findings from both quantitative and qualitative methods to inform overall research findings and recommendations.
  • Ability to interact regularly with stakeholders in country and supervise the survey and field work effectively. This could be accomplished through members of the team residing in the relevant country, use of local sub-contractors, or appointing a field supervisor for the duration of the surveys, among other strategies.
  • Team ability to communicate professionally in English.

Preferred for the evaluation team as a whole

  • Strong, demonstrated experience in political economy analysis, preferably in the road maintenance sector, including the ability to assess competing political/economic pressures and to assess the difference between policy and actual implementation.
  • Experience carrying out experimental and/or quasi-experimental impact evaluations relying on an explicit identification of the counterfactual.
  • Substantial experience working in Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines.

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