Team Leader, Programme Health and Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 2 July 2018

Job Description

Functional Responsibilities

The Local Fund Agent (LFA) is a crucial part of the Global Fund’s system of oversight and risk management. Its principal role is to provide informed and independent professional advice about the capacity of Principal Recipients (PR) to manage the implementation of activities funded under grants (including a PR’s capacity to oversee implementation of activities by Sub-recipients), to make recommendations concerning periodic disbursement of grant funds, to review grant performance when a grant is being considered for renewal, and to provide the Global Fund Secretariat on an ongoing basis with relevant information on issues or risks which might affect grant performance.

The LFA is expected to have an up-to-date and comprehensive understanding of the diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria), how they are prevented, transmitted and treated and their impact on the country. The LFA assesses the PR’s institutional and health/programmatic capacities and arrangements to ensure adequate health expertise (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and/or malaria) in the implementation of the Global Fund grants. The LFA also determines whether the PR has adequate infrastructure and information systems, including financial systems, to support grant implementation, including the monitoring of performance of Sub-recipients and outsourced entities in a timely and accountable manner.

The Team Leader and Health Programme and M&E Specialist will be based in Kabul, Afghanistan, and will report to the Porfolio Manager based in Geneva. The Team Leader is responsible for the management of the UNOPS LFA team in Afghanistan and for the quality of all deliverables submitted to the Global Fund.

The Team Leader and M&E specialist will also lead the UNOPS LFA for a multi-country grant focussed on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in the Middle East region. The incumbent will be required to travel occasionally in country or in the region.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment

The Team Leader and M&E Specialist will ensure the success of the LFA teams by carrying out the following activities:

Leadership and Management

  • Supervise and closely monitor the work of UNOPS LFA team;
  • Ensure the allocation of tasks within the teams and the involvement of the appropriate expertise;
  • Ensure that all teamwork, including inputs of all technical experts, is of high quality and completed within the timeframe, and as per guidelines set by the donor;
  • Lead and guide, troubleshoot and advise the team on remedial actions to be taken;
  • Ensure completion of the performance management process for the team;
  • Provide development opportunities for the team members;
  • Ensure that an adequate working environment is maintained for the UNOPS teams, including the provision of logistical and administrative support;
  • Develop the annual scope of work, cost proposal and the consequent annual work plan of team activities;
  • Maintain updated schedule of time worked by all team members in each technical area;
  • Hold regular LFA team meetings and promote teamwork and enthusiasm among team members for the provision of services to the donor;Foster an atmosphere of team spirit, mutual respect and professional independence within the teams.

Relationship with the Global Fund (GF)

  • Demonstrate an overall understanding of the grant architecture and in-depth knowledge of all team activities required to be performed as described in the GF Manual;
  • Remain updated on GF guidelines and procedures, timeframes for completion of LFA activities, and the forms and templates to be used in the field of work;
  • Proactively monitor grant implementation and/or performance by recipients through regular contact, including with other stakeholders;
  • Provide the GF with relevant information on issues or concerns/ risks which may affect grant performance; such should be reported to the donor/client either through regular deliverables or through special channels and protocols of communications set up by the donor/client, and as per UNOPS rules and regulations;
  • Attend meetings and other ad hoc events related to grant implementation, and in line with the scope of work agreed with the donor/client, and keep the donor informed on relevant matters;
  • Coordinate closely with UNOPS Central Coordination Team to arrange any necessary technical support, in particular for Quality Assurance;
  • Facilitate visits by donor staff and travel as necessary for joint monitoring visits.

Content management

  • Organize and lead recipient assessments, as well as financial and programmatic reviews to provide informed and independent professional advice to the donor about the capacity of recipients to effectively manage and implement the donor grant funds;
  • Assist the GF in grant negotiations and grant closure activities;
  • Verify quarterly financial and programmatic reports and disbursement request to make recommendations to the donor concerning periodic disbursement of grant funds;
  • Organize and lead on-site data verifications, financial spot checks and other exercises including travel to monitor status of grant implementation;
  • Lead the preparation of coherent reports which reflect the professional excellence of UNOPS; including organizing joint team reviews of all major reports prior to submission for external QA; Undertake preliminary quality assurance of all deliverables to be submitted to the donor, to ensure that these are in line with contemporary professional standards;
  • Perform other duties as per the donor manual and/or as assigned/ required.

Report Reviews

Review progress update reports and disbursement requests submitted by the grant recipients as per following:

  • Verify and cross check primary records submitted by implementing partners and verify alignment with the summary internal/external reports prepared by the grant recipients and implementing partners;
  • Interview grant beneficiaries, including TB/HIV/malaria patients, and implementing partners’relevant staff members;
  • Cross-check M&E and health/programmatic data with financial, management and procurement data/information; and
  • Reflect precise analysis in the mandatory templates.

Implementation Reviews

  • Conduct recipient assessments and programmatic reviews to provide informed and independent professional advice to the donor about the capacity of recipients to effectively manage and implement the donor grant funds from a programmatic perspective;
  • Conduct regular and ad hoc visits to the grant recipients and implementing partners to monitor implementation of the projects (including trainings and other key events), and prepare corresponding reports; verify the implementation status of the programme and the progress towards reaching set programme targets;
  • Assess reasonableness of the types and quantities (forecasted needs) of TB/HIV/malaria medicines and other health products that are planned to be procured with grant funds;
  • Review revised implementation planning documents during grant implementation (workplan, budget, procurement plan, M&E, others), and provide an opinion on proposed changes in programme implementation, effects these changes might have on attainment of programme objectives, proposed budget reallocations and provide recommendations to the donor;
  • Plan, prepare and lead data verification and data quality exercises exercises including travel to monitor status of grant implementation; and
  • Immediately raise all suspicious acts, transactions and activities and processes which may pose potential risks, misconduct, mismanagement, misuse and frauds by grant recipients and implementing partners to the attention of the Team Leader.
  • A Master’s degree in Public Health, Medicine, Epidemiology, Public health administration, Development Studies or a related area is required.
  • Additional qualifications related to management are an asset.
  • Seven (7) years of relevant experience is required.
  • Strong project management and team management skills, ability to prioritize tasks and meet multiple deadlines in complex environment are required.
  • Strong professional oral communication and writing skills, including the development of reports, oral presentations, and technical/persuasive documents are mandatory.
  • Strong understanding of public health monitoring and evaluation systems is required, including thorough knowledge of epidemiology and programmatic interventions related to at least one of the three diseases (HIV, TB or malaria), preferably in Afghanistan or in the Middle East
  • Ability to interpret performance results of health programs and analyse the implications of such results in the country context is required.
  • Proven understanding of the dimensions of health service quality and familiarity with reviewing and interpreting national service delivery guidelines is a requirement.
  • Experience with large donors in the area of health is an advantage.
  • Fluency in English is required.
  • Working knowledge of Dari/Pashto is desirable and is an advantage.

About the Organization

UNOPS is an operational arm of the United Nations, supporting the successful implementation of its partners’ peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world. Our mission is to help people build better lives and countries achieve sustainable development.

UNOPS areas of expertise cover infrastructure, procurement, project management, financial management and human resources.

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