Team Leader/Project Management Specialist

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 25 March 2020

Job Description


SHELADIA Associates is a multi-disciplinary international professional consulting firm with demonstrated experience in the successful management and implementation of development projects throughout the world. SHELADIA believes that practicality and sustainability in development projects requires flexible resource management, active participation of all stakeholders, and a shared goal of strengthening institutions and operational systems, to overall project management as well. The specialist will represent the consultant team and be a focal person in communication and coordination with MEW and ADB. The specialist ptimize the use of available resources.

SHELADIA is seeking a Team Leader/Project Management Specialist with the below experience in Afghanistan.

The specialist will lead the consultant team and assist MEW to conduct o

will control day-to-day operation of the project and report to MEW, present to MEW the technical and financial progress and issues, and will be overall responsible to provide leadership to project on overall team activities as described in TOR. More specifically, the specialist will:

  • Be responsible of the overall dam safety of the project;
  • Review previous project reports and drawings including concept design and optimization, feasibility, hydrology, hydraulics, bathymetric, topographic, geological & geotechnical and other related studies/surveys
  • Review and update project design, procurement and construction schedule
  • Review and approve detailed design, tender and construction drawings to ensure technical compliance and compatibility with specifications and other requirements;
  • Prepare the final plans and specifications for design adequacy, construction, scheduling as well as the construction supervision plan;
  • Supervision, inspection and monitoring of the civil, mechanical and electrical works of the project to ensure that the works are carried out in accordance with the agreed schedules, design and specifications, and that the quality is consistent with the required technical standards, systems and procedures;
  • Review and approve commissioning test procedures submitted by the contractor;
  • When works are ready for inspection and test for substantial completion;
  • Prepare a program for inspection and test;
  • Examine the works and assure that they are appropriately completed;
  • Issues taking over certificate for contractors, if the works are satisfactory for operation or instruct the contractor remedial work and/or further test if failed the verification test;
  • Provide detailed financial, physical progress reports and highlight in a timely manner any likely delays due to any particular reason. Issue regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly project reporting to the implementing agencies and other project stakeholders; and
  • Assess the result of instrumentation installation (including measurement datum marks) basing on early data collected during the construction on that basis recommendations to MEW regarding data collection, revision (supplementation) of instrumentation in line with the construction progress are made.
  • Review of supplies equipment design and perform shop and/or witness tests/pre-delivery and on-site inspections and acceptance of the equipment as appropriate;
  • Review and approve erection and construction drawings to ensure technical compliance and compatibility with specifications and other requirements;
  • Review and approve factory testing procedures and factory test results submitted by the contractors;
  • Witness and report Quality Control testing of materials, plants etc., and issue corresponding certificates ensuring the testing is consistent with project requirements. Should a quality concern is raised, in consultation with MEW procure additional services and validate through third party testing;
  • Certify volume of works completed and/or as installed based on actual;
  • Certify the payments to the contractors, after checking and verifying the contractor’s measurement; and
  • Assist implementing agencies in implementation of the EMP.

How to Apply: Applications should include a CV and cover letter.

This position is open until filled. Please send CVs to

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