Team Leader– Water & Wastewater Utility Expert (Egypt)- Local

  • Mid-level, Part-time staff position
  • Posted on 16 October 2018

Job Description


The QED Group, under the SIMPLE monitoring and evaluation project with USAID/Egypt, is seeking to engage the services of a consultant specialized in water and wastewater with experience to serve as a Local leader of an evaluation team to design and conduct a performance evaluation of water and wastewater small scale construction and job creation activities. The evaluation is expected to start in by April 2019 with an estimated level of effort of up to 60 work days, including approximately 45 work days in-country on a 6-day work week and approximately 15 days outside Egypt for a desk review of documentation before arrival and completion of the final report after departure.

Project Background:

The original objective of the Egypt Utilities Management (EUM) Assistance Agreement was to improve access to water and sanitation through addressing three program elements: safe water access, basic sanitation, and water and sanitation policy and governance. In 2006, a new component was added to the project to fund Small Scale Infrastructure and Sectoral Reform Activities. An agreement was reached with Ministry of International Cooperation (MIC) that allowed residual funds from the large infrastructure activities to be transferred to the Small-Scale Infrastructure and Sectoral Reform Activities component.

Following the events of January 2011, short-term job creation was identified as one of the highest priorities for the use of foreign assistance funding to help Egyptians weather the rapidly worsening condition of the Egyptian economy. The Mission increased funding to the small-scale infrastructure project to stimulate short-term job creation in the water and wastewater sector as this was an implementation mechanism that could be expanded quickly, had a proven track record, used labour intensive construction methods, and could provide immediate short-term employment in parts of the country that were badly hurt by the economic downturn. It is expected that the evaluation will answer the following questions: (1) To what extent were these projects considered a critical need to the beneficiaries? (2) Did the projects deliver the planned outcomes as per the program design? (3) How are the facilities currently operating and maintained with the existence of qualified staff and maintenance plan? and (4) To what extent have the water companies have benefited in investment management through the design, procurement and implementation phases of the program?

The primary audience of the evaluation report will be USAID/Egypt, specifically the Office of Economic Growth (OEG). Secondary audiences include the Government of Egypt Holding Company for Water and Wastewater (HCWW) and its subsidiary water companies that directly implemented the program. USAID/Egypt will review and share the executive summary, final report and recommendations with the HCWW, and the public via the Development Education Clearinghouse (DEC).


The Services to Improve Performance Management, Enhance Learning and Evaluation (SIMPLE) Project of the QED Group, LLC is seeking to engage the service of a consultant specialized in water and wastewater utilities with experience to serve as a local leader of an evaluation team to design and undertake an end-of-project performance evaluation of the water and wastewater small scale construction program, and the job creation activities through Essential Services Delivery in Upper Egypt under the Egypt Utilities Management (EUM) Assistance Agreement. The consultant will serve as team leader and evaluator for the overall evaluation reporting to the locally-based SIMPLE Senior Evaluation Specialist or his designate. The consultant will collaborate in designing and refining the mixed methods performance evaluation tools, analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, ensure that sound methodological and quality assurance practices are applied, incorporate generally accepted evaluation best practices, and use the evaluation’s findings to construct a comprehensive report as per USAID guidance.

The evaluation is expected to start by February 2019 with an estimated level of effort of up to 60 work days, including approximately 45 work days in-country on a 6-day work week and approximately 15 days outside Egypt for a desk review of documentation before arrival and completion of the final report after departure.

  • Conduct desk review and provide technical guidance to the team on the mixed methods to be used in the assessment.
  • Review background documents, review of publicly available pertinent information on water and wastewater utility management, as related to the objectives of this assessment
  • Collaborate on the development and finalization of assessment documents including: work plan with methodologies, detailed explanation for the proposed methodology and time line along with data collection tools and methods, draft assessment report, final assessment report, midterm briefing presentation/report, final presentation and report.
  • Lead the team to conduct data collection activities as per the USAID approved data collection tools and work plan.
  • Lead the qualitative and quantitative analysis of all information/data collected within the USAID approved timeline.
  • The team leader will be responsible for conducting meetings/phone calls with relevant stakeholders.
  • Supervise the work of team members throughout the contract period.
  • Lead the preparation and presentation of findings, conclusions and recommendations for debriefing relevant USAID Program Office.
  • Prepare the draft and final results report, expanded executive summary and, as appropriate, any statement of differences in response to comments from relevant USAID and key stakeholder reviewers.


  • The team leader should have 10 years of experience in designing monitoring and evaluation systems, leading data collection teams, analyzing data and summarizing findings
  • The team leader should be a recognized water and wastewater utility expert with extensive experience in leading evaluation teams, and conducting monitoring and evaluation for utilities performance.
  • Demonstrated experience evaluating international donor-funded projects in the MENA region with experience in Egypt preferred
  • Previous USAID experience preferred.
  • Should be thoroughly familiar with the techniques of sector assessments
  • Demonstrated experience in technical writing of evaluation reports in English
  • Demonstrated organization and team-building skills, and excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

About the Organization

The QED Group, LLC, is a full-service international consulting firm committed to solving complex global challenges through innovative solutions. We are determined to provide all our clients with best-value services so they increase their efficiency, learning capacity, and accountability to the public in an ever more complex and interconnected world. Through Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge Management practice areas, QED is working to maximize our clients' return on investment through accountability, continuous learning, and sound management.

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