Team Leader – Work and Opportunities for Women (WOW)

United Kingdom
Apply by 11 April 2017
Senior-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 28 February 2017

Job Description

KPMG LLP’s International Development Assistance Services practice is recruiting a Team Leader to manage the upcoming Work and Opportunities for Women (WOW) team. The vacancy is for a technical expert with experience of women’s economic empowerment, working with corporates and business interventions in supply chains.

The Team Leader will be working closely with the project team based in the UK and delivery teams based in target countries (likely to include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia).



  • 15-20 years’ professional and technical expertise in inclusive business or international development
  • Expertise in women’s economic empowerment and gender-specific constraints to economic participation
  • Experience in forming inclusive business related corporate partnerships
  • Expertise in delivering interventions working through corporate supply chains
  • Expertise in gender-related programming
  • Experience of managing teams in complex projects across multiple countries
  • Willingness to travel overseas for parts of the engagement


  • Experience working on DFID large and complex programmes
  • Experience partnering with large multinationals and designing interventions in their supply chains
  • Knowledge of data collection and analysis methodologies for M&E, preferably including knowledge of existing DFID methodologies
  • Experience that relates to the UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment
  • Experience managing teams of expert consultants in a Team Leader role
  • Strong writing capabilities
  • Familiar with DFID reporting mechanisms
  • Ability to develop and test data gathering methods for mapping of where women work in supply chains
  • Expertise in incorporating results for women and girls in economic development interventions
  • Experience working with businesses, developing networks and working relationships with business leaders and supply chains on inclusive business practices

Job description

  • The Team Leader will act as a champion for the programme, representing KPMG and its consortium at events relating to the programme’s field of work
  • Serve as a key point of contact for the delivery team and DFID in delivering the WOW programme
  • Take a lead role in designing the programme strategy at inception and managing the technical direction of the programme throughout implementation
  • Oversee all outputs of the WOW programme and scope of work, including devising the programme of work for WOW and management of resources
  • Work alongside the KPMG-led project management team to deliver WOW and support in quarterly and annual reports to the client
  • Work with the KPMG programme manager to identify how resources are best used across the programme of work and deliver the outputs for WOW, in particular those around the provision of technical assistance and setting best practice standards for WOW
  • Lead and run a WOW network comprising a range of international development and inclusive business practitioners
  • Quality assurance of key deliverables and outputs


  • Negotiable depending on level of experience

Submission and timeline

WOW is expected to be a five year programme, starting in Summer 2017. The start date is negotiable, however we will be looking to recruit as soon as possible as the candidate may be asked to input into early project planning or bid writing processes.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis until March 27th 2017 at 12:00 PM UK time. The position may be filled before the closing period if a suitable candidate is found so please submit applications early.

To apply for this position please submit your CV and cover letter (2 page limit) to David Holt at indicating in the email title “WOW TL Position [first and last name]”. Please submit your CV and cover letter as one pdf document. Please include details of your availability in your cover email.

We will only contact those individuals who have been shortlisted for the position.

About the Organization

About WOW

The Work and Opportunities for Women (WOW) programme will be a new flagship programme on women’s economic empowerment for DFID. The outcome level objective of WOW is that women have access to improved economic opportunities through business interventions in supply chains and economic development programmes. The indicative outcome level results for WOW:

  • Businesses improve women’s access to higher-return and higher-productivity jobs and roles in supply chains, with improving working conditions.
  • Women’s work in supply chains is made more visible, to improve global knowledge on women’s economic contribution.
  • DFID and HMG economic development programmes reach larger numbers of women beneficiaries and improve global knowledge on how to deliver results for women and girls through economic development interventions.

In order to achieve the above outcome and deliver on vision for the programme, the following outputs must be satisfied:

  • Output 1. Partnerships with business to improve women’s participation in supply chains.
  • Output 2. Partnerships with business to improve data and transparency on women’s work in supply chains
  • Output 3. Increased knowledge and support for delivering women's economic empowerment through economic development programmes
  • Output 4. Support to multiple partnerships and initiatives that respond to the recommendations of the HLP report.


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