Technical Advisors needed for Vanuatu's Trade Policy Framework Update

Trade Development Division
Port Vila, Vanuatu
Apply by 15 June 2018
Mid-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 5 June 2018

Job Description

The Government of Vanuatu, through the Trade Development Division, is seeking two Technical Advisors (TA) to draft selected chapters of Vanuatu’s Trade Policy Framework Update.

TA 1: Chapter 5 - ‘Backbone services and related infrustructure’ and Chapter 14 - ‘Other Commercial service sectors’

TA 2: ‘Education and Skills’

About the Organization

Trade Development Division (TDD) is the unit responsible for managing Vanuatu's Trade Maintreaming Agenda under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business in Vanuatu.

TDD promotes Trade Development through three pillars;

  1. At Policy Level: The Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework is the government's road map for trade development. The TDD is responsible for updating the TPF, and coordinate the monitoring of current TPF, as well as advocating Trade perspectives in the drafting of other government policies;
  2. At Governance Level: The National Trade Development Committee (NTDC) leads the Agenda. The NTDC is comprised of the Government bodies with responsibility for trade, the private sector, the civil society and the donor partners as observers. the TDD acts as the Secretariat to the NTDC, and coordinates the effort to develop the trade governance structure further;
  3. At Development Cooperation Level: By building consensus on the priorities for trade development, the Agenda attracts more aid for trade-related projects, Aid-for-Trade (AfT). The TDD negotiates and manages AfT Projects on behalf of the MTTCNVB, and supports other line agencies in securing donor funding.

More information

TOR_TPFU_Chapter 8.docx
TOR_TPFU_Chapter 5 & 14.docx

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