Technical assistance for GBV service mapping and response protocol Consultancy

  • Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 3 February 2021

Job Description

To be considered for this consultancy, we request the following information be submitted on/before 5:00 pm EST on February 12 (submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and up until a consultant is selected) to Hannah Connolly at Please submit your CV, cover letter, three references, and a completed Biodata form.


PCI Guatemala aims to strengthen gender-based violence (GBV) risk mitigation and protection practices across its portfolio, with an emphasis on new and emerging projects. Towards this end, PCI is seeking the services of a Spanish-speaking expert consultant to improve the capacity of the organization to address GBV within its programming.

The consultant will support the “Caminos a la Transformación” (Journeys of Transformation) project, which targets 12 communities in the municipality of Cuilco in Huehuetenango.

About the Caminos a la Transformación project (Journeys of Transformation)

Caminos a la Transformación is a 2-year project in partnership with Promundo to adapt their Journeys of Transformation program for use with Women Empowered (WE) savings groups in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The methodology works with partners and husbands of WE group members to shift harmful social norms and traditions that limit women’s economic rights and opportunities. The project will work with over 200 men and women in the municipality of Cuilco through facilitated sessions with couples together and separately. The Journeys of Transformation program supports couples to reflect on harmful gender norms and masculinity and seeks to facilitate a long-term journey towards greater equity in the home. The curriculum addresses complex themes that include violence, sexuality, and power and challenges traditional gender attitudes. An important part of the program is equipping the group facilitators, and PCI overall, with the knowledge and understanding of GBV related laws and services at the national and local level as well as how to respond appropriately and safely if issues of gender-based violence surface in the context of the project, including when and how to refer participants to qualified service providers. Towards this end, the project will undertake a review of legal protections as well as a service mapping exercise to identify and vet existing GBV services and intimate partner violence (IPV) referral pathways with the goal of developing the project’s protocols for mitigating and responding to GBV .

About the Consultancy

In collaboration with the Sr. Director for Gender and Empowerment and working collaboratively with the country project teams, the consultant will lead PCI Guatemala in a series of specific tasks to develop the project’s GBV response protocol, ensuring first and foremost, that the guidance reflects do no harm principals. The activities are listed below.

Caminos a la Transformación (Estimated LOE = 13 days)

  1. Map existing GBV services and referral pathways in the project catchment area in Huehuetenango, working through assigned counterpart(s) on the PCI Guatemala project team,
    • Provide a list of key questions[1] to answer through the mapping exercise.
    • Ensure that mapping includes survivor-centered care services available (both in-person and remotely) for women, men, children, persons living with disabilities, migrant and LGBTQI+ populations. Given the scope of the project, services related to intimate partner violence will be emphasized.
    • Collect examples on locally adapted messaging on GBV
    • Collate the results of the mapping exercise into a brief referral directory.
    • Make recommendations on which organization(s) to sign MOU(s) with (as appropriate).
  2. Develop a GBV response protocol for the project that includes:
    • COVID-19 considerations, as necessary.
    • Guiding principles.
    • How to respond safely if an incident of GBV is disclosed in the context of the project.
    • How to link the survivor to services, as appropriate.
    • Recommendations for management on how to train staff on the protocol.
  3. Train management staff and community facilitators on use of GBV response protocol for the safe and ethical referral of disclosed S/GBV cases AND on appropriate disclosure protocol. Ensure information regarding referral pathways is disseminated to local organizations and networks in order to provide additional access to at-risk or vulnerable groups, particularly those with limited access to internet and smartphones.
  4. Compile information on national GBV laws for PCI trainers to share with their groups in the form of a summary of existing Guatemalan laws against GBV, including the Guatemalan Criminal Code and the 2008 Femicide Law.[2] The summary should be written in language that will allow rural men and women with low levels of education to understand the laws and policies that exist in Guatemala related to gender-based violence, if/how they are implemented, and what these mean for men, women and their families.


  • Mapping results
  • Referral protocol
  • Law review and summaries
  • Staff training on all pieces


  • Extensive experience providing technical guidance to country programs.
  • Regional expertise in Latin America; ability to work fluently in both Spanish and English.
  • Technical knowledge in GBV prevention and response, with a particular focus on intimate partner violence (IPV).
  • Experience working on GBV in Guatemala highly valuable.
  • At least 5 years of experience designing and leading programming to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls.

[1] Illustrative questions can be found on page 17 of the following document:

[2] Ley contral el femicidio y otras formas de violencia contra la mujer [Law Against Femicide and Other Forms of Violence Against Women] (hereinafter referred to as “2008 Femicide Law”), Derecto del Congresso [Congressional decree], No. 22-2008 available at:

About the Organization

PCI’s mission is to empower people to enhance health, end hunger, overcome hardship and advance women & girls.

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