Technical Assistance for Implementation of Action Plan for Organization of Public Hearings in the City of Sombor

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 24 June 2019

Job Description


Within Component 1 – Local Government Accountability, GAI provides technical assistance to local self-governments (LSGs) in Serbia to improve transparency of their work as one of key principles of good governance and fight against corruption. The activities include development of a model LSG website and Facebook page, development and/or improvement of the use of social media, and development of other tools and procedures for improved transparency and public participation. The technical assistance is provided to Vranje, Sombor, Sabac, Vrnjačka Banja, Sjenica, Raška and Dimitrovgrad.

GAI provided technical support to the City of Sombor to assess current public hearing practices and develop a comprehensive action plan for organization of public hearings and debates relating to development of 2020 budget. The plan lists activities, deadlines and responsibilities for organization of a series of public debates that will include 22 local communities (“mesne zajednice”), and 7 high schools that will be widely promoted through local media campaign. The objective of the action plan is to raise interest among the public to take active part in development of local budget and to implement a process that will ensure that all suggestions are reviewed, and proper feedback is provided to all participants.

The Action Plan includes the following activities:

  • Creation and functioning of the team for organization of public hearings – the team has been created by decision of the Head of Administration and gathers relevant representatives of the city administration. Minutes of team’s meetings are shared with heads of all city departments and presidents of local communities. The team will organize extended meetings on as needed basis that include presidents of local communities and principals of high schools;
  • Development of public hearing materials – the team for organization of public hearings and representatives of budget department will develop a user-friendly material that present investments and spending for each local community in Serbian and Hungarian. In cooperation with high schools’ principles, materials that present budget spending for high schools and/or funds that pupils can decide on spending will also be developed to facilitate discussions in high schools. In addition, GAI will provide technical assistance for development of materials for implementation of public hearings that will include draft agenda, speakers rules, attendance sheets, form for written submission of proposals, and other materials as needed.
  • Implementation of media campaign – The plan envisages development of a campaign that will include development of a slogan, posters for promotion of public hearings in local communities, flyers for promotion in high schools, media announcements and similar that will be developed by a marketing agency provided by GAI;
  • Implementation of public hearings – Public discussions in high schools will be organized at the beginning of new school year and in coordination with school principals. Public discussions in local communities will be organized in coordination with presidents of each local community. All participants of public debates will be asked to provide contact information in order to be provided with reports and feedback on their proposals and comments.
  • Providing feedback – The plan envisages various channels for providing feedback to participants including thank you messages to all participants, letters to those that submitted proposals, posting reports on conducting of public debates and their outcomes.

The goal of the assignment is to provide technical support for implementation of activities envisaged by the action plan. Technical assistance will broadly include support to the Working Group, in preparation and implementation of envisaged activities described above.


The subcontractor is expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • Provide technical assistance to the Working Group for overall implementation of the action plan through facilitation of the meetings of the Working Group, at least once a month in the period July – November 2019, and off-site advisory support on as needed basis. The assistance may include suggesting agenda items, providing advice/guidelines relating to development of public hearings materials, facilitating decisions relating to organization of specific meetings in local communities and schools, facilitating discussions regarding messages/slogans and design of the public awareness campaign.
  • Develop documents required to support the process of public hearings such as draft agendas, speaker rules, attendance sheet templates, forms for submission of proposals in writing, templates for the reports from public debates and other forms to be used for the feedback as appropriate.
  • Support GAI in coordinating work of the PR agency, provided by GAI, with the Working Group relating to development of public awareness campaign (including slogans, media use, development of posters, flyers and other promotional materials created for events in local communities and high schools) and its implementation.
  • Provide support with implementation of the public hearings, including presence on at least five organized events (it is estimated that 20- 25 events will be organized).
  • Provide support to the Working Group in providing feedback to all participants of the events through drafting at least one sample report for each of the events (event in a local community, event in a high school, final public hearing). Sample reports should contain methodologies for considerations of inputs received during public hearings and inform about outcomes of those considerations.
  • Based on conducted activities and lessons learned, draft assessment of the implemented public hearing process, including what worked well and areas that can be improved, to be provided to the City of Sombor and GAI.
  • A brief Final Report provided to GAI describing activities and main results (template provided).


  1. Monthly reports on conducted activities provided to GAI in English, reflecting progress made in implementation of the action plan
  2. Templates provided to support implementation of public hearings, specified as Task #2 above, in English and Serbian
  3. Templates for reports on public debates, specified as Task #5, in English and Serbian
  4. Assessment report with recommendations in Serbian and English, specified as Task #6
  5. Final Report in English


The work must be completed by 15 December 2019.


NOTE: These are cumulative qualifications that can be met by one or multiple individuals included in the proposal

  • Education – Desired advanced University Degree in the relevant field
  • Prior Work Experience – This is a Senior (10+years) position or Mid-level (4+ years) position requiring at least 10 years of professional experience in good governance and accountability, with at least 5 years of direct work with local self-governments in the area of improving transparency, public participation and interaction with local community.
  • Language Proficiency / Communication Skills – English and Serbian fluency are required.
  • Job Knowledge – Strong understanding of competences, organization and functioning of local governments, as well as interaction and communication with local community. In depth knowledge of organizing, moderating and reporting on public events, such as public hearings, public debates, focus groups, round tables in at least one of areas within jurisdiction of local governments etc.
  • Skills and Abilities – Strong presentation and communication skills are required.

Evaluation Criteria

Quotations will be evaluated on the following criteria in order of importance:

  • Qualifications for the technical assignment. Finalists may be interviewed, and interview results will be considered in evaluation.
  • Successful completion of similar assignments and overall past performance.
  • Total cost.

Instructions to Offerors

Offerors must:

  • Agree to the completion date
  • Complete the LOE chart below by deliverable
  • Submit a curriculum vitae
  • Submit a total cost for the assignment (in US dollars). Any airfares should be for the lowest cost economy direct flight available. DBA insurance is required for all subcontractors. DBA insurance is 2% of labor costs. This must be included in your total cost for the assignment. The subcontract will be for the amount submitted. DBA insurance cannot be added to the cost afterwards.
  • The application should reflect the contracting party - company or individual; the subcontract will be signed with the entity/individual indicated in the application

NOTE: Submission of a resume/CV alone IS NOT a complete application. An offer must include a completed LOE chart and total cost. Failure to provide the required information and/or materials will result in your not being considered for this assignment.

Total Cost: $

To be completed by offeror.

LOE Chart

To be completed by offeror.


Proposed Level of Effort (number of days)

About the Organization

Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. (Checchi) has worked in international development for over 40 years. The company has operated in more than 140 countries, including a number of fragile states and post-conflict zones, and has implemented nearly 300 long-term contracts. Checchi’s principal areas of specialization include rule of law, anticorruption and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Since launching one of the first international rule of law practices in the late 1980s, Checchi has provided technical assistance and training in the core areas of improving access to justice; court systems administration; legislative and policy reform; judicial training and legal education; public legal awareness; and security sector reform. The company has implemented a number of long- and short-term activities focused exclusively on anticorruption. In addition, many of Checchi’s rule of law projects have included significant anticorruption components and activities. Checchi’s M&E work encompasses projects in more than 50 countries and spans the spectrum of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches to managing and evaluating performance.

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