Technical Editor

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 16 March 2020
  • Kiribati
  • Closing on 15 April 2020

Job Description

The Kiribati Climate Finance Division (CFD) of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is seeking the services of a technical editor to help CFD prepare the Strategic Framework and Country Programme (SFCP) for Climate Financing to include an accrediation strategy that will assist the national designated authority in the selection of entities to be accredited to the Green Climate Fund, Climate Investment Fund, Adaptation Fund and other global sources of climate financing.

The technical editor will work with a team of technical experts to include a team leader, deputy team leader, specialists on gender and social development, environment and social safeguards, and communications on the SFCP assignment.

Qualifications, skills and experience

Technical Editor (International – 3 person months, home based)

The editor will have at least 20 years’ experience in editing technical documents, e.g., reports, policy and strategy documents, knowledge products and published material in English. The editor must be familiar with visual and publishing guidelines of international standards.


The editor will work closely with the team leader and Director of Climate Finance to ensure high quality production of the Strategic Framework and Country Programme for Climate Financing, the accreditation strategy and a range of knowledge products. The detailed tasks include:

  1. proof-reading, restructuring the documents if necessary, reorganising text so that the subject matter is easy to understand;
  2. rephrasing text to tighten the messaging and remove any ambiguity;
  3. querying discrepancies, repetitions, typos and technical-academic terms;
  4. spotting obvious errors, including mathematical calculations, and pointing out questionable proper names and bibliographic references;
  5. ensuring that the documents are engaging and clear to the target audience; and
  6. checking references to tables, figures, boxes, illustrations and their placements and captions.
  7. Provide technical support to the climate finance communications officer to improve presentations for visual, print and online materials.
  8. Undertake other duties and responsibilities, as required or delegated by the Director of Climate Finance.

# The services of the editor is home-based. He/she will communicate remotely with the director of climate finance through email, phone, Skype, and other electronic devices.

About the Organization

The Government of Kiribati has taken steps to accelerate access to climate resources through the establishment of the Kiribati Climate Finance Division (CFD) in 2017 within the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (MFED). The key functions of the CFD are: (i) coordinate Kiribati’s engagement with international climate funds, (ii) develop the Kiribati Strategic Framework and Country Programme (SFCP) on Climate Financing, which the Government will employ to engage with multilateral sources of climate financing, (iii) actively pursue funding opportunities from global climate funds to implement the SFCP, and (iv) represent and advocate for Kiribati at national, regional and international climate finance/climate change forums.

More information

Technical Editor TOR KCFD.pdf

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