Trade Policy Specialist-Regional Agricultural Markets Programme

Southern Africa
Apply by 15 September 2012
Executive-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 10 August 2012

Job Description

Trade Policy Specialist, Regional Agricultural Market Development: East and Southern Africa

About DAI

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Objective of the programme:

This large scale programme aims to promote regional food market development in East and Southern Africa. The programme will utilise the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach and value chain development methodologies to ensure that interventions are pro-poor and inclusive of vulnerable groups. The programme will work on national and regional food staples markets, including:

  • Supply chain coordination and information systems
  • Markets for inputs and services
  • Storage and collateral systems
  • Regional and National Policy coherence

Objective of the role:

We are seeking applications from highly experienced specialist for the role of Trade Policy Specialist. The Trade Policy Specialist will serve as a project advisor on the potential impact (s) of new trade policies in the East and Southern African trade blocs. Various studies have highlighted the need for better regional integration to enable more efficient trade between and amongst countries in the 2 regions. The Trade Policy Specialist will be expected to liaise at the highest levels of government decision making, providing evidence based advice to key decision makers.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify policy options that enhance regional trade in Southern and East Africa
  • Commission studies that will provide the evidence necessary to initiate dialogue with key decision makers in the respective countries
  • Offer knowledge management on the state of trade policies in the Southern and Eastern Africa
  • Work closely with the Market Specialist to identify ways to influence policies from the outside in
  • Work with the Communication Expert and the Evidence Specialist on highlighting the implications of improved trade barriers and regulatory frameworks on the economy and food security
  • Establish and maintain excellent working contacts at operational level with national authorities


  • A Masters degree in economics or a related subject with some specialisation in the field of international trade
  • 15 years’ experience in working on agricultural trade policies
  • Sound knowledge of policies affecting food staple markets in the Southern and Eastern Africa
  • Experience in working with government on agricultural policy development at a national level
  • Experience in working on donor funded projects

Project Location: The project will be based in Southern and Eastern Africa

Length of the project:

5 years

Anticipated Project Start date:

December 2012

How to apply:

Please send in a covering letter and CV using the job title as the subject line to

Deadline for Application:

15th September 2012