Trainer for course: Energy integration in oil and gas plant using pinch analysis & load management

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 8 April 2021

Job Description

DAI/Human Dynamics is currently implementing the EU-funded project “Support the Technical and Financial Sustainability of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Sectors” in Egypt. Its overall Objective is to support the ongoing reform process of the Energy Sector through assisting the Country to achieve its Sustainable Energy and security of supplies targets.

One of the major activities under the project is related to the implementation of a large capacity building programme with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in Egypt. For achieving this a series of trainings to targeted audience will be delivered in the period March 2021 – September 2021, thus we are looking to recruit trainers that match the following profile:

Trainer for course: Energy integration in oil and gas plant using pinch analysis & load management

Duration: 3 consecutive days per each training delivered

Location: Cairo & Alexandria - Egypt

Objectives & Main Content

Day 1
● What is pinch analysis, how pinch analysis affects heat recovery and heat exchange, how pinch analysis affects heat exchanger network design , pinch analysis rules and applications in heat integration and cost targeting
● What are the composite curves
● how to perform data extraction, formulate the composite curves and the grand composite curve for multiple utilities.
● How to set energy targets for multiple utilities, cost targeting for minimum optimal differential temperature.
● How to use pinch analysis for energy targeting and savings, Heat exchanger network design , Cooling Water and Refrigeration Systems Targeting.
● case studies

Day 2
● the components of Oil & Gas plant management strategy and Overall Plant Effectiveness (OPE)
● Utilities, heat and power systems
● Process integration opportunity assessment, definition and applications
● Utilities, heat & power systems types, plant heat and power ratio, heat pumps & engines systems, CHP.
● Integrated Energy and Process Optimization.
● Total site Energy analysis, Total site profiles.
● Process change & evolution principle and examples
● Case studies

Day 3
● Load management for:
- boilers, Load Allocation among Multiple Parallel Boilers, Load Management of Boiler Auxiliaries, Steam Balance Optimization
- furnaces, Load Allocation among Multiple Parallel Heaters, Load Management of Furnace Auxiliaries, WHB Opportunities
- pumps, Flow Profile, Load Allocation by Efficiency, Composite Characteristic Curves
- compressors, Control Strategies, Process Modifications
- heating trains, how to Avoid Unnecessary Heating
- cooling trains; how to Avoid Unnecessary Cooling, Load Shedding versus Process Modifications
● How to use energy integration and load management techniques to improve the performance of multiple process and utilities (fuel, hydrogen, steam, etc.)
● Case studies

Target Audience

● Engineers/Chemists of EGPC, Holding Companies, Affiliated Companies (Refineries & petrochemicals and midstream, Oil and gas production, Gas processing)

Trainer Qualifications

● The instructor should hold BSc Chemical / Mechanical Engineering and EPC experience with process engineering background or extensive Energy integration & Optimization experience.
● The instructor should have experience (20 years for the main and 15 for the second instructors) in EPC companies (Engineering, procurement and construction) and be aware of the typical oil and gas plant design philosophies and criteria.
• The instructors should have more than 10 years of experience in heat integration, pinch analysis and heat network design/improvement and utilities energy optimisation in oil and gas facilities.
● 10 years of Experience in delivering training courses/mentoring/teaching
● English Proficiency is a must.

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