Training of Trainers to AEMFI in Ethiopia on Cost Benefit Analysis and Default Management of loan products

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  • Posted on 19 March 2020
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Job Description

The Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) is working in collaboration with the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) to promote, deepen and sustain the gains realised through the interventions of the programme. As such, building the capacity of local technical service providers on the four thematic areas and thereby creating a pool of qualified local resource experts in this area is deemed to be of critical importance for ensuring the continuity and institutionalisation of the EEU-A2F work. Hence, through the partnership, LIFT and AEMFI will provide training of trainer (ToT) programmes in selected thematic areas related to the SLLC linked loan including:

  • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Arrears and Default Management Guidelines for SLLC secured loans

The ToTs approach will be provided leveraging the work that has been done by LIFT in these areas. The ToTs are intended for participants coming from LIFT partner MFIs and private consultants (technical service providers) working in the area of inclusive finance.

This summary provides notes for the above two assignments, namely, Cost Benefit Analysis of MFI financial products and Arrears and Default Management for SLLC secured loans which are open for international and national consultants (individuals or firms). Follow the link below to get the details of each assignment.

Assignment 1: Provide training of trainers on Product Specific Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) for MFIs

Under this assignment the selected service provider will provide a hands-on training of trainer (ToT) course on cost benefit analysis concepts and application tools. LIFT has previously provided an in-depth technical assistance on CBA to four of its partner MFIs based on their expressed request. The technical assistance provided targeted capacity development within the institutions, enabling them to conduct CBA of their loan and deposit product portfolios, including the SLLC-linked individual loan. Accordingly, under this current assignment, the consultant is expected to review and refresh the training materials and resources developed earlier and customize them to fit to the planned ToT programme which targets potential trainers from partner MFIs and the local private technical service providers.

Assignment 2: Provide training of trainers on Arrears and Default Management for SLLC secured loans

The aim of this training workshop is to expose participants to the range of methodologies and techniques that can help them understand and internalize various default management techniques, with a high-impact and memorable learning experience that targets producing qualified trainers or technical service providers in the area. Hence, under this assignment the selected service provider will revitalize the arrears and default management guidelines which have been developed under the technical assistance LIFT provided to its partner MFIs. Accordingly, the selected consultant is expected to utilize the and revitalize the resources materials developed and roll out a high-quality training of trainer programme on the topic. The training will be provided to local technical service providers and staff of LIFT partner MFIs who are also deemed to provide trainings to their respective institutions.

Prospective international or national service providers can submit proposals for more than one assignment; however, each proposal must be submitted separately. Also, joint proposals between national and international service providers (individuals or firms) are welcome. The format should be as follows:

A Technical proposal (not more than 5 pages) which includes:

  • Competency / previous experience in carrying out the activities described (with relevant experience)
  • Understanding of the assignment
  • Methodology for the implementation
  • Indicative work plan to complete this assignment
  • Quality assurance systems
  • CVs of the team proposed for the assignment

A Financial Proposal indicating fees and breakdown of all expenses related to the assignment.

About the Organization

The Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) programme is a 6.5 years DFID funded programme that aims to improve the incomes of the rural poor and to enhance economic growth. The programme works to achieve its objective through second level land certification (SLLC), improved rural land administration, and the development of the rural land market system through its economic empowerment unit (EEU). The SLLC aims to achieve 14 million parcels in 140 woredas for approximately 6.1 million households in Oromia, Amhara, SNNP and Tigray regions. The EEU approach operates in parallel and performs interventions aimed at accelerating the impact of SLLC on poor farmers by improving rural land market systems. The unit’s interventions focus on access to finance, rural land rental and conservation agriculture which are implemented using the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach.

Within access to finance, the EEU team is implementing a portfolio of interventions targeting different constraints affecting the poor. This includes working with several MFI partners to develop, pilot and roll out new products that improve access to credit and non-credit financial services for rural farmers, allowing them to make larger, more effective agricultural investments. Aware of the novelty of the product to the inclusive financial service providers in the country (including to LIFT partner MFIs), LIFT conducted several capacity building activities with the aim to enhance the technical capacity of its partner MFIs in the delivery of the product. The thematic areas for the technical assistances were defined based on the expressed demand from partner MFIs. Accordingly, in the past couple of years LIFT has provided support to its partner MFIs on product development, business plan appraisal, savings mobilization, cost benefit analysis and default management.

More information

Cover Page - ToRs for CBA and Default Mgt TOTs to AEMFI.pdf

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