Turkana County FP Health Systems Strengthening Expert

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 10 July 2018
  • Kenya
  • Closing on 23 July 2018
  • Current

Job Description

Background to the assignment:
The ESHE program has been working with Turkana County for the last three years. A lot of focus has been on the private sector and implementing community based interventions to address cultural and religious barriers including gender dynamics that hinder access to and utilisation of family planning services. Within the last one year we have scaled up technical support to the public sector within Turkana county and we expect to extend this further. Our most recent consultations and planning meetings with Turkana County identified a rnage of health systems bottlenecks that need to be addressed to increase FP uptake. While there are many partners in Turkana, it is reported that there is poor coordination of the partners leading to inefficiency to inefficiency in the delivery of FP services. In addition to challenges with coordination of partners (leadership and governance), other health systems bottlenecks include weak commodity security, human resources for health, poor data quality and its use for decision making and programming among others. Due to the biting human resources for health challenges, the county has only one staff responsible for coordinating all maternal and reproductive health interventions in the county including for FP. Turkana county is currently developing a FP costed implementation plan for the period 2018 to 2022. This is an opportune time to ensure health systems interventions are well articulated in the FP CIP. For these terms of reference, ESHE is looking for a consultant to provide health systems technical assistance to Turkana County. The expert may be embedded within the Turkana County Health Management Team and will work directly with the county RH Coordinator. The overall purpose of the role is to coordinate ESHE’s technical assistance to the county, advocate for the FP agenda and support implementation of interventions as articulated in the county CIP.

* In partnership with the CHMT map FP/RH partners working in the county
* Identify FP/RH gaps/needs in Turkana county and identify areas priority areas where ESHE could provide further technical assistance
* Provide technical assistance to the county in the ongoing development of the FP CIP including supporting the county to effectively organise consultation and validation meetings
* Support the county in ensuring coordination of the FP response including ensuring a functional TWG with clear terms of reference
* Support the county in ensuring actions from the FP TWG are followed through and implemented
* Coordinate ESHE’s technical assistance in Turkana County
* Provide any other relevant technical assistance as may be requested by ESHE and Turkana CHMT

* Monthly report on the FP technical assistance provided to the county and the results/achievements
* Report on mapping of RH/FP partners in Turkana County including areas of operation, priority intervention focus areas, and gaps
* Summary of Turkana FP needs and priority areas for ESHE’s support
* Finalised CIP detailing activities/technical areas to be supported by the ESHE program
* Terms of reference for FP technical working group/or sub-committee with clear plans in place for TWG support and execution
The due dates for each deliverable will be agreed with the recruited consultant.

Reporting and supervising:
* This position reports to and will supervised by the Health Systems Strengthening Advisor and the Regional Manager.

Length of assignment:
To have an adequate presence in Turkana county and to ensure informed technical assistance to the county, it is proposed that the recruited consultant will have an estimated level of effort of 10 days per month for the next three to four months. The level of effort and the number of months may be reviewed based on need and availability of budget.

Required minimum technical skills and qualifications:
* At least a Master’s degree or equivalent level in public health disciplines, social sciences, health economics, or a related field
* At least 12 years of professional experience in reproductive health and or family planning programs. Those with clear understanding and experience on the Kenya FP programme will have an added advantage
* An understanding of the health systems strengthening approach in increasing demand for and utilisation of FP services
* Experience working in Turkana is a distinct advantage.Experience working in other similar counties is essential
* A deep understanding of the Kenya devolved systems. Prospective consultant must have skills and experience in liasing with senior MoH officials, dignitaries and members of the county health teams.
* Experience in working with and coordinating diverse reproductive health and family planning partners
* Experience of providing technical assistance in difficult environments, including Kenya’s arid lands, is a distinct advantage
* Fluency in spoken English and excellent writing skills in plain English are required. Candidates must have proven experience in writing high quality reports for similar assignments.
* Good team player with experience in stakeholder engagement. The consultant must have the skills and willing to guide and lead the costing expert
* Ability to deliver high quality work in short periods of time
* Ability to work under pressure
* Ability to synthesise lots of complex information and stakeholders’ views into easy to understand text

About the Organization

Organization Description:
Palladium is a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact - the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value. We work with foundations, investors, governments, corporations, communities and civil society to formulate strategies and implement solutions that generate lasting social, environmental and financial benefits.

For the past 50 years, we have been making Positive Impact possible. With a team of more than 2,500 employees operating in 90 plus countries and a global network of more than 35,000 technical experts, Palladium has improved - and is committed to continuing to improve - economies, societies and most importantly, people's lives.

Palladium is a child-safe organisation, and screens applicants for suitability to work with children. We also provide equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status.

About the ESHE programme:
The ESHE family planning programme is supported by DFID and managed by Palladium. The intended impact of the ESHE FP programme is increased use of FP among women of reproductive age including adolescent girls, and the expected outcomes are greater access to more FP choice, including for the poorest Kenyans.

The programme is underpinned by four outputs namely:
Output 1: Increased access, choice and quality of FP
Output 2: Increased awareness for FP and reduction of socio-cultural barriers
Output 3: Greater involvement and sustainability of the private sector
Output 4: Total Market Approach3 (TMA) for FP effectively planned, coordinated and supported

In collaboration with partners, ESHE has reach in 40 counties. The programme provides a range of client-focussed and high-quality services and products through both the public and the private sector; scale up demand for services and break-down socio-cultural barriers that can prevent women and girls from using family planning. We place importance on strengthening health systems to ensure availability, access and utilisation of quality FP services. As a technical assistance programme, ESHE partners closely with the national and county Ministries of Health. Palladium provides technical support through its core team of staff and also through expert consultants who are hired to provide technical assistance on specific short-term assignments.

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