USAID/Haiti - Printing and Distribrution Specialist

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 14 May 2019

Job Description

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This short-term technical assistance’s (STTA) purpose is to provide United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Haiti with a landscape review of the Haitian printing and distribution (P&D) industry as it relates to the education sector. For nearly a decade, USAID has supported early grade learning in Haiti, working to improve early grade learning outcomes in the primary grades. For most of this time, USAID has been providing physical books to teachers and students in hundreds of schools nationwide. Previously, USAID contracted P&D of early grade reading materials for considerable sums to their international implementing partner organizations. Materials were ultimately printed off-shore because the required printing quality did not exist in Haiti for the quantity needed. Distribution did not occur through existing Ministry systems (such as the successful annual examination materials) and was instead factored into project budgets.

There is a concern that printing through an in-country printing house would likely lead to the printing houses contracting to print outside of Haiti and then charging a substantial premium to import and distribute within Haiti. Additionally, there have been reports from other donors that donor sponsored subsidies to the Ministry of Education for printing houses haven’t resulted in lower cost materials for the students and their families as intended.

To ensure the sustainability of USAID’s considerable investment in helping the Ministry of Education develop an early grade literacy curriculum (composed of scripted teacher guides, student reading textbooks, writing workbooks, and classroom libraries), USAID needs a clear understanding of the P&D industry at every level of the supply chain. USAID seeks to explore using local systems to print and distribute teaching and learning materials throughout Haiti. As such, the consultant/s will conduct desk-top reviews, in-person interviews, and observations. Then the consultant will analyze findings, document conclusions, and propose recommendations in a final report that is user friendly and accessible to stakeholders. The consultant will also present the findings in person as well as create a webinar to ensure comprehension and accessibility. At the completion of the STTA, USAID will better understand education sector P&D in Haiti and be able to determine if and how to use local P&D systems for education sector needs and in furtherance of its early grade learning strategy.


Draft a comprehensive report of the P&D landscape as it relates to the education sector, that covers the following:

  1. What possibilities, if any, exist in Haiti to print teaching and learning materials that conform to the USAID recommended standards outlined in the “Best Practices for Producing Supplementary Reading Materials”? (3-5 pages)
  2. A list of all relevant and currently operational printing/edition houses in Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic. (annex)
  3. An analysis of the relationship between the Haitian printing/edition house(s) and the Haitian Ministry of Education (MENFP) (1-3 pages)
  4. An analysis of the capacity of Haitian printing/edition houses to print and reproduce teaching and learning materials in country (can be a matrix presented as an annex, with an accompanying narrative not to exceed 1-3 pages)
  5. An understanding of the Ministry of Education’s existing systems to finance and manage system-wide procurement and distribution of materials (such as examination materials, inspector reports, and other recurring annual distribution activities) (2-3 pages)
  6. An understanding of how and where parents and caregivers purchase school books and what they do with them after the school year is completed. (1-2 pages)
  7. An understanding of how schools get teaching and learning materials; where they purchase and store them; how schools decide what materials to require parents to obtain; specifically if/how schools provide teaching and learning materials to the elementary student population. Compare these practices between the public, Catholic and other private schools (3-5 pages)
  8. Provide at least 3-5 case studies under this topic (1-2 pages)
  9. An overview of how other relevant stakeholders (donors, NGOs, etc.) conduct their P&D needs (1-2 pages)
  10. Recommendations (if appropriate) for donor engagement to support local printing options in-country (1-2 pages)
  11. Recommendations for donor engagement to support the sustainable/long-term? Availability of teaching and learning materials in Haiti (1-2 pages)

As a part of this process, the consultant is required to conduct desktop reviews, in-person interviews, and observations. This research must be conducted in both the capital Port au Prince and in districts/regions so as to provide a balanced picture of the P&D landscape on the central and provincial levels and as it affects students and families in urban and rural areas.

The ideal candidate must obtain approval from USAID in advance for all meetings with Ministry of Education personnel.

The final product must be concise and user-friendly to ensure accessibility and comprehension by a wide variety of stakeholders.

Tentative Deliverables

  • Candidate’s workplan outlining timeline, activities, list of stakeholders to interview, and travel plans
  • Draft outline of Landscape Review
  • Final Landscape Review on the Haitian Printing and Distribution as it Relates to the Education Sector, 30 pages maximum (not including annexes), incorporating feedback from client
  • In person presentation on findings, with a virtual component (PowerPoint or equivalent)
  • Webinar on findings

Minimum Requirements:

  • Fluency in English is required
  • Minimum of 5-8 years of relevant work experience in the education sector, printing and publishing sector, and or international field
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree, Maters preferred in relevant field of study
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct landscape reviews in the field of education, ideally as related to printing and distribution systems in underdeveloped countries and less developed country contexts is required.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Fluency in French is preferred*; the ideal candidate would have knowledge of and experience working in Haiti, as well as speak Haitian Creole.

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