Wine Grapes Production Volunteer Assignment in Lebanon

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Apply by 15 June 2017
Mid-level , Volunteer opportunity
Posted on 15 June 2016

Job Description

*Please note that only American citizens and green card holders may apply for this assignment.

Land O’Lakes International Development is pleased to offer a volunteer position for someone with experience in wine grape production in Lebanon for the Farmer to Farmer Program.

Key Experience and Qualifications:

- Educational Background: University degree in Agriculture specialized in viticulture or enology, or equivalent

- More than 5 years of practical knowledge and experience in vineyard management

- Training Skills, including training in group settings

- Good writing and computer skills

- Sufficiently physically fit, with appropriate medical clearance

- Familiar with conducting trainings through translators/interpreters

- Available for assignment on the 3rd or 4th week of July 2016 as a priority or Spring 2017

Requirement of the Program: Only U.S. citizens or Green Card holders are eligible to apply.

Start Date: ASAP Length of Assignment: 15 days, flexible

Country: Lebanon; Region: Bekaa, Batroun and Mount Lebanon

Type of Assignment: Volunteer position. Your time is donated and all expenses such as airfare, lodging, meals and an interpreter are paid.

Assignment Summary: The host organization is a public institution with a mission to assist the vine growers and farmers in Lebanon. For this reason, they are always interested in having experts to work with them on developing the Lebanese wine sector and to improve the grape growing sector in order to satisfy the wine producers’ needs to make high quality wine. Currently, few wineries only manage their own vineyards; whereas the majority buys their grapes from different farmers in addition to their own vineyards. In this case the wineries technical team that consists of agriculture engineers and experienced wine makers, assists the farmers during their production season on pruning, fertilization, insect and disease management, …)

The host organization is requesting a volunteer expert to exchange his experience in growing wine grapes with the Lebanese farmers, agriculture engineers and winemakers in order to improve the quality of their produce and to face the different challenges in the field. On another hand, the expert will discover the Lebanese terroir which is different than any other terroir in the world.

Scope: The host organization is a public interest institution aiming to assist the vine growers and farmers in Lebanon. The board of directors is formed by representatives of associations and syndicates of vine and wine producers and the Ministries of Agriculture, Economy and Trade, and Industry in Lebanon. The host assists more than 40 wineries and grape growers and is interested to approach the following topics: - Climate change and its influence on the yield and crops, - Planting new varieties and preserve the local varieties that can adapt to climate change and how to develop the sector through the introduction of new types of vine and new varieties with different rootstocks and different clones. - How to develop the sector through the introduction of new methods in agriculture, irrigation, pruning, spraying, - Ensure high quality production - Diseases, viruses, pests…

Objectives of the Assignment:

1. Suggest planting different varieties using specific rootstocks or specific clones depending on the quality of soil and that can adapt to the current climate

2. Suggest what to do (if applicable) in a bad weather condition (hail, cold temperatures, heat wave, sand storms,…)

3. Introduce new methods in agriculture for vineyards (pruning, labor, fertilization …)

4. Advise the farmers how to treat moderately against diseases without using too much pesticide.

5. Advise how to treat the vineyard organically using organic or bio products.

6. To advise farmers how and when to irrigate (if needed).

8. Train the grapes growers on identification and control of diseases and the viruses

Other Tasks to be performed:

U.S.-based. The volunteer is encouraged to bring any media or training materials such as manuals, journals, literature, DVD/video that will serve as good resource materials for training and for the library of the host organizations and Land O’Lakes office in Lebanon.

In-country activities/tasks. The volunteer will complete the following activities in-country: - Attend orientation meeting at Land O’Lakes Beirut Office; - Meet with the host organization to become familiar with their current problems and future plans - Field visit to grape growers to assess their production and address their constraints - Work with the host’s technical team on an improved crop management plan - Deliver a training for the farmers and technical team on his observations and recommendations - Provide recommendations to the F2F Program staff on potential follow-up assignment with the host - Attend a debriefing session with F2F Lebanon Country Director and host organization staff members to provide feedback and discuss the recommended future plans to follow up on volunteer recommendations and capture impact.Post assignment. Following the assignment, the volunteer will be responsible for the following: - Attend a debriefing session with F2F Country Director and team (and the host organization staff members, if necessary) to report feedback and discuss the suggested follow-up plans on the recommendations, as well as capture impact. - Submit a final report summarizing observations and recommendations, as well as follow-up plans.

Deliverables. Each volunteer must submit a Final Report to the F2F Program, which includes the following sections: - A summary of tasks and observations from site visits - A list of 5-7 specific and actionable recommendations for the host organization(s). The recommendations are very important to the program as we use them to track host adoption of recommendations and the impact on hosts’ farms and businesses. These recommendations will be reviewed during the debriefing session with country staff at the end of the assignment and the volunteer may make revisions to them in their Final Report. - A section listing the assignment objectives above and how they were met or why they were not met.

Outreach Upon return to the United States, the volunteer is requested to communicate his or her F2F experience. Outlets to share the volunteer experience include home groups (e.g., civic and religious groups, professional associations, etc.), workplace presentations, local newspapers, community or workplace newsletters, personal blogs and social media sites. It is important to give recognition to USAID for funding F2F. At least two outreach events are requested and should be communicated to Sadie Paschke at [1] and Diane Bruns at [2] Volunteers will receive occasional surveys requesting information about completed outreach activities during each period.

How to apply: Qualified applicants are requested to submit resumes as soon as possible. Please visit our career portal at If you would additionally like to submit a cover letter, please include it with your resume. You will be contacted, if considered for this assignment or if additional information is needed. Thank you for your interest.

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