Zika Records Management Specialist

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 1 August 2019
  • Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States
  • Closing on 30 September 2019
  • Current

Job Description

This new assignment is on program support with an emphasis on records management. The Zika team has a filing system on Google Drive which needs to be reviewed and updated in light of the impending closeout of the Zika program. The filing system and structure needs to be in alignment with USAID guidance and easily retrievable for non-Zika program staff at USAID. The consultant will need to review USAID guidance for records management, speak with Zika team members in Washington and the field to understand the needs and develop and design a responsive, effective and efficient system that is easily understood. Furthermore, the consultant will support the Zika team with maintaining the filing system through the end of the program, focusing on files in DC but also providing support to the field for Zika record management upon request.

Provide program support for effective and efficient document control and management and transition of easily retrievable records management system to GH/ID office once Zika response has concluded.

Major tasks/activities:

  • Read and understand USAID guidance materials.
  • Update master file tracker on Google Drive in terms of a) content, and b) organization (strategic thinking around essential information to store centrally), providing comprehensive review and remedy of missing files
  • Reduce duplicative folders and files in Google Drive and provide recommendations for additional filing locations including but not limited to physical project files at missions, technical files on knowledge management platforms, and in both pillar and regional bureaus
  • Review G Drive nomenclature and adjust naming conventions for usability, ease of access, and compliance with USAID regs.
  • Develop document that outlines critical file types for missions after Zika program close-out and provide guidance to missions to implement document recommendation.

Have experience managing administrative records, preferably for USAID or other large international development organization. Detail-oriented and self-starter. Experience with managing audit-related paper trails a plus.
Ability to obtain facility access required

About the Organization

About the GH Pro Project: The Global Health Program Cycle Improvement Project (GH Pro) provides the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Global Health, Regional Bureaus, and Missions with ready access to high-quality, external technical expertise to design, support, and evaluate programs contributing USAID’s Global Health strategic priorities. The five-year activity is comprised of five components 1. Program and project evaluation; 2. Technical assistance; 3. GH program and research management; 4. Mission support; and 5. Logistical support for meetings/conferences. This activity spans all Foreign Assistance Health Area objectives as well as crosscutting health issues such as gender, health systems strengthening, and science and technology.

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