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    Your 60 minute guide to a stand-out global development CV

    Whether you are applying to jobs, requesting informational interviews or looking for your next consulting gig, a killer CV is a must-have in global development. Learn about expert tips, recruiter-approved templates and a simple formula to effectively showcase your expertise by watching this webinar with CV writing expert Tom LeaMond.

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    For aid professionals, it's self-interest vs. country ownership

    Development doesn't have an end point. But is there a point when the global north no longer has a role to play? Thomas Dichter, an international development consultant and contractor with 45 years of experience, responds to FHI 360 CEO Patrick Fine's idea that "we shouldn't be working ourselves out of a job."

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    Ask Devex: Can I be included in 2 competing USAID bids?

    In this week's Ask Devex column, a reader asks: "Can I serve as key personnel in the proposals of two different firms competing for the same USAID project?" While there are no precise rules on this issue, advises Devex career expert Kate Warren, there are a few factors that will impact how you should proceed when faced with this dilemma.

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    Ask Devex: Do I need to speak Spanish to work in Latin America?

    In this week's Ask Devex, a member asks if it is possible to find a community development job in Central or South America without Spanish language fluency. Read Kate Warren's response here.

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    You don't have to land a development job to do good

    Neil Ghosh, former SNV USA founding president and executive director, talks to Devex about his career and shares advice for the next generation of global development professionals. Watch the video to learn trends and new career paths in the private sector, and how it's never too early to start working toward a social impact career.

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