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    2015 Hiring Trends

    2015: Where are the global development jobs?

    Africa, Asia and….? In which sectors and regions are recruiters predicting the most hiring this year? Discover the answer to this question and more in the results of Devex's benchmark career trends survey.

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    2015 Career Trends

    2015: Who are global development employers hiring?

    A greater focus on hiring local talent, a continued appreciation for higher education and a call for French-speaking professionals in West Africa. Already these trends have informed organizations’ hiring abilities and patterns in global development. Now, Devex digs into the numbers for 2015 hiring.

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    Career Matters

    Recruiters weigh in: Top career trends to watch for in 2015

    Where will the jobs be and who are international development employers looking for in 2015? Devex polled our network of global development employers to find out. Here are five important findings.

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