Biomedical Researcher and Policy Analyst. Focused on health policies related to access to care and sustainability. Expertise in medical instrumentation in resource limited settings and grant writing.

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    • Public Policy - Global Health, Master's Degree, Princeton University , United States , July 2009 - July 2010

    • Global Voices
    • Foko-Madagascar
    • Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni
    • International AIDS Society
    • • International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry

Experience Summary

  • Skills, Background, and Experience

      ·         Expertise in biotechnology, infectious diseases control and global health policies.

      ·         Constructed evidence-based policy recommendations using econometric tools.

      ·         Designed research projects and evaluated results using quantitative and qualitative measurements.

      ·         Submitted four successful grant proposals for research and development projects

      ·         Managed IT development projects in remote areas and contributed to community-building initiatives

      ·         Experienced in the use of mobile technology and social media in health management.

  • Areas of Expertise :

      . Infectious Diseases Management

      . Monitoring and Evaluation 

      . Community Building 

      . Grant writing 

      . Information and Communication Technology

  • Responsibilities :

    • Write proposals/grant requests
    • Provide technical advice on projects
    • Conduct research
    • Run a company, NGO, or a major department
  • Opportunities I Might Consider :

    • Field assignment
    • Full-time staff position
    • Long-term consulting assignment
    • Short-term contract assignment

Employment Summary

  • July 2010 - Present

  • April 2007 - July 2009 Health Researcher / Program Manager, Cytometry For Life

    Low cost medical instrumentation design Field Assignment for Workshop Networking Grant writing

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Lova Rakotomalala
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