A climate change expert in Mozambique

Mozambique's Limpopo river basin and other parts of the country are prone to flooding during the annual rainy season. The aerial view above provides a glimpse of the country's a coastal region in August 1999, months before heavy floods displaced thousand of people there. Climate change experts are meant to help the country prepare and mitigate the effects of rain and other destructive weather patterns. Photo by: NASA / USGS

International development is as much a business as it is a labor of love, and chances are you won’t choose your next assignment based on the money.

That said, compensation is an important part of human resources management, and comprehensive data on salaries and benefits is hard to come by. That’s why Devex is shedding light on the salaries and work of those holding jobs that international development organizations commonly hire for. It’s part of our mission to help aid professionals do good and make informed decisions about their careers.

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