A Second Dip into the Reading Pile

      If you’re like me, you have a pile of all the reports, articles, and publications that you’re aiming to get to. And from time to time, I take pleasure in dipping in to explore the new thinking or sound practices in international development and aid effectiveness.

      So I’m sharing twelve papers from my virtual pile, featuring excerpts from the 7th page of text of each, first 3-4 sentences of the second paragraph. Hopefully the exercise will be a fun way to highlight these authors’ insights forhow-matters.org readers and see which of these end up on my recommended reading list.

      Read on at: http://www.how-matters.org/2011/09/11/a-second-dip-reading-pile/

      Now this kid has got the right idea–have a dip, of ice cream that is, while IN your reading pile.