Acting for all

      My name is Ibrahim Oumar Diakite ,l come from Mali in West Africa , l’m 32 year old ,l’m mean and l have light skin too .So , l get the chance to be a coordinator of the project ”Acting for Innocent Person” ,for this we are looking for partnership in the world , and anybody who want that we cooperate are welcome .We are not a single person but a group of young person with five (5) old persons who will like to fight for the development of the Innocent Person in our country and we need to share the experience of other group too .We know that , if you see a dog catching a fish in the water this mean that there are many fish in the water .  l will like to say that , we are aware that there are many project of development but for us we seek the deep realities and try to react for this .At the end , for those who will like to make partnership with us , the contact is : phone : 0022379167931