Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance (ALNAP)

The global humanitarian system enjoys much more funding and manpower than a decade ago, but due to poor coordination and leadership in crises it still falls short of needs, aid workers say. Despite some progress, coordination of relief efforts is by far the biggest challenge to humanitarian action, according to a comprehensive survey by ALNAP. The poll is part of a report on the quality of relief work worldwide, released this month by the network of major humanitarian organizations and experts. “A lot of people are highlighting that strengthening the coordination system is key to making the rest of the system work effectively,” Ben Ramalingam, head of research and development at ALNAP, told AlertNet. “Performance is seen as very variable between different sectors and emergencies depending on leadership,” he added. The findings chime with criticism of coordination between numerous providers of aid in Haiti after last month’s deadly earthquake.

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