ADB revises safeguard policy darft

    The Asian Development Bank is amending the proposal on its safeguard policy update, following weeks of public consultations. “We are encouraged by the tremendous amount of constructive feedback and many detailed suggestions on the consultation draft, and have learned a lot from stakeholders,” according to Nessim Ahmad, who heads the ADB Environment and Social Safeguards Division. “In order for the new safeguard policy to be responsive to a wide range of views, ADB Management has decided to introduce an additional step and we will prepare a second draft of the safeguard policy statement, based on the feedback and advice we have received through our extensive consultations.” The agency plans to hold another workshop at its Manila headquarters to enable stakeholders to examine the revised draft. It will also publish the said document on its website and will welcome comments from those who viewed it online. (Press Release: ADB to Take New Steps in Safeguard Policy Update after Worldwide Consultations/Asian Development Bank)

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