Advice from the pros: 5 tips for succeeding as operations manager

M.A.H. Sumon (left), operations manager at both SJP and Water and Life Bangladesh, at work. Photo by: M.A.H. Sumon

Operations managers have multiple people reporting to them and have to stay on top of various projects, the role requires a lot of multitasking while maintaining a clear and level head. Devex spoke with M.A.H. Sumon, operations manager at Bangladeshi social enterprise Shobar Jonna Pani, and NGO Water and Life Bangladesh, to get his insights into what it takes to succeed.

Sumon oversees water, hygiene, and sanitation projects in low-income urban slum communities. Project managers from various fields — sanitation, solid waste, social work, and even firefighting — report to him. He previously worked with the Asian Development Bank and on United States Agency for International Development-funded projects, serving across multiple sectors including agriculture, nutrition, and information and communications technology.

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