Advice from the pros: 8 tips for succeeding as an education specialist

Jane Kellum, gender and education specialist and independent consultant, facilitating an organization gender audit. Photo by: Jane Kellum

Education experts often specialize in a certain field, such as curriculum development or education policy. The majority of an education expert’s work can be done remotely, particularly when it involves an education sector analysis, Jane Kellum, a gender and education specialist, explained. Occasional field visits may be required if data gaps need to be filled, or for a working session with the research team.

Kellum’s expertise includes shaping education systems and policies with gender participation and experience in mind. She is currently consulting with the United Nations Children’s Fund and UN Women on a dual contract, providing gender mainstreaming expertise to an education sector analysis of Moldova, supported by the Global Partnership for Education. Kellum has previously worked for Care International, Save the Children, and Plan International, among others.

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