Afghanistan targets USD50 billion in Paris donor meeting

Afghanistan will present a 5,000-page national development plan to donors in an international meeting in Paris on June 12, in the hope of convincing them to contribute USD50.1 billion in aid to the country. It intends to use more than half of the said sum to improve security and infrastructure so as to ensure progress in development efforts. “We hope to get it all, but we may not,” Ishaq Nadiri, President Hamid Karzai’s senior economic advisor, averred. “You know pledges are one thing and donations are another.” The three aid conferences since 2002 yielded USD24 billion in pledges but, according to relief agencies, donor nations only disbursed USD15 billion. The renewed Taliban insurgency posed another problem for the Afghan government in implementing projects.

Source: Afghans to ask for USD50 bln aid at Paris conference (Reuters)

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