AIDS Groups Doubt Malawi's Readiness in Disbursing Funds

AIDS organizations are concerned about the reliability of local government authorities or district assemblies in Malawi, which are now in charge of disbursing AIDS funding. International non-governmental organizations were formerly tasked to distribute funding from donors to some 3,000 AIDS grassroots organizations in the country. “Our membership is worried because the processes involved will be lengthy, and there are some reports that when a CBO (community-based organization) comes up with a proposal, [the district assemblies] demand a certain percentage from this amount,” said Ishmael Nkosi, a policy and advocacy officer at the Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations. “There are also concerns that there will be a lot of nepotism in the approving of funds.” (“MALAWI: AIDS organisations face funding interruptions” - United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Integrated Regional Information Networks, Oct. 7, 2008)

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