Arabs urged to deliver on Palestinian aid promise

The European Union, Russia and the United Nations joined the U.S. in urging Arab states to make good their pledges of aid to the Palestinians. The parties, known as the Quartet of Middle East peace mediators, made the appeal following a meeting in London. “The Quartet called for all donors to follow through on pledges made … The Quartet encouraged the Arab states to fulfil both their political and financial roles in support of the Annapolis process,” it stated. Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr said that the Palestinian Authority urgently needs budget support as its financial condition is likely to worsen in the coming months. “We believe it is a real challenge for the motivation of the donor community that they need to see … progress on the political track,” he also remarked. Per U.S. figures, Arab League members have so far only disbursed USD153.2 million of their USD717.1 million commitment. That amount will grow by USD80 million following the latest pronouncement from Kuwait, which wants the money spent for development efforts..

Source: World powers urge Arabs to honour Palestinian pledges (Reuters)

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