I have arrived in Washington, DC in one piece with all of my luggage.  My friend M met me at the Dupont Circle metro station.  I am stashing my luggage at her office until she is done, then we are heading back to her house, where I’m staying until I find a permanent place to live. 

      While I’m waiting, I’m hanging out at the Starbucks at Connecticut Ave and K St.  This is the place to be in the afternoon - development workers, students and all kinds of professionals are here for their caffine kick.  I’ve already met a woman who is going to University of Denver’s Korbel School this fall and another woman who just started a non profit.  The non profit woman invited me to a communications meeting with a number of other directors this evening.  I was not prepared for instant networking - I don’t have any business cards or copies of my resume printed! 

      A man just came in and announced that Spain won the soccer game.  This will be an interesting World Cup final match!