Atlantic Community: Reform Aid Toward Better Impact

As the debate on the effect of aid on Africa continues, it is clear that the massive amounts of money spent on development in the region has accomplished little as impoverished countries remain poor, people continue to live in poverty and die of starvation, conflict persists, and governments are still underequipped to run on their own.

Atlantic Community notes in an April 1 editorial that despite the magnitude of foreign aid poured into the continent in the last decades, “there seems to be little to show for it.”

Atlantic Community added: “Whether you believe that aid is a postive or negative force in Africa, there is no denying that aid as it currently exists needs to be reformed. The fact that so much money has produced so few results indicates that something is not working, and both donors and recipients are growing weary.” 

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  • Tarra Quismundo

    Tarra Quismundo joined Devex Manila as a staff writer in October 2009 after more than six years of working as a reporter for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a nationwide daily, for which she covered major breaking news in politics, military, police and international affairs. Tarra's Devex News coverage focuses on key Asian donors and top aid officials around the globe.