Aleem Walji


Aleem Walji is chief executive officer at the Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A., where he oversees a portfolio of programs related to strengthening civil society, inclusion and improved services for the poor. Previously, he was chief innovation advisor within the leadership, learning and innovation vice presidency at the World Bank Group.

Latest Articles

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15 Feb 2019

To mark U.S. National Innovation Day, the head of Aga Khan Foundation USA reflects on why many good innovations get stuck and explains why many are not thinking about scale with the right mindset.

Opinion: Here's what Central Asia teaches us about inclusive growth
5 Nov 2018

Aga Khan Foundation USA CEO Aleem Walji reflects on Central Asia's development trajectory — and what the world can learn from both its successes and shortcomings.

Opinion: How public-private partnerships can wash away poor sanitation
25 Sep 2017

In the movement for universal health coverage, the daunting goal of global access to sanitation remains a hurdle. It requires a systematic change in habits and infrastructure, especially within rural communities in developing countries. This can be difficult to achieve without local buy-in, but Aleem Walji of the Aga Khan Foundation believes partnerships could be the key.