Anna Patton


Anna Patton is a freelance journalist and media facilitator specializing in global development and social enterprise. Currently based in London, she previously worked with development NGOs and EU/government institutions in Berlin, Brussels and Dar es Salaam as well as in the U.K., and has led media projects with grass-roots communities in Uganda and Kenya. Anna has an master’s degree in European studies — specializing in EU development policy — and is a fellow of the On Purpose social enterprise program.

Latest Articles

The unlikely evidence gap in youth livelihoods work
13 Oct 2016

We still know little about what works — or even how much we’re spending — in helping young people to make a living. Does that matter?

A tentative 'youth spring' in the development sector
30 May 2016

Seeing young people merely as aid recipients or as the source of problems looks increasingly dated, as evidence mounts of the value that youth participation can bring to development. How are organizations integrating a new generation in their work — and how could they do better?

5 tips for social enterprises looking to scale
11 Jan 2016

Devex spoke to a number of entrepreneurs and organizations working to help them navigate growth in East Africa. Here are five tips they shared for how social enterprises can scale.

In search of impact: Laurie Lee on his new role at CARE
6 Oct 2014

From leading policy, advocacy and government relations at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Laurie Lee now finds himself on the implementing side of CARE International U.K. How will his experience with Gates shape the way he leads CARE? A Devex exclusive interview.

'Internationalizing' your NGO: 4 lessons from ActionAid
6 Oct 2014

Moving or expanding into developing countries requires careful planning — and ActionAid should know, being one of the first international NGOs to relocate to the "global south." We spoke with its strategic HR head, who shared insights on how to effectively negotiate the transition.

Up to 50 Oxfams: Balancing global brand and local legitimacy
1 Sep 2014

The need to strike a balance between wielding brand power and being sensitive to local contexts is not new. How is Oxfam International, which is planning to expand into dozens of new countries, navigating this balancing act?

Watchdog to DfID: Simplify systems, talk failure and learn better
18 Apr 2014

The U.K.'s huge investment in research and evaluation produces a wealth of information, but the government could do more to to learn from it and adapt its foreign aid projects. How? A Devex analysis.

'Nothing can stop' fight against female genital mutilation — advocacy group
2 Apr 2014

Female genital mutilation remains a global problem — but the mindset is changing at the grassroots level and progress is being made. Efua Dorkenoo from the End FGM Social Change Campaign tells us we’re close to a "tipping point" in the fight against this "sexual terrorism."

When aid workers ask for help — still a sign of weakness?
28 Mar 2014

Aid work is not an easy job, especially for those in conflict zones or dealing with extreme poverty, and humanitarians say they often need psychological support. We find out more about a new initiative that aims to address this concern.

NGOs to DfID: Be more inclusive in Myanmar
18 Mar 2014

Last week, British lawmakers asked DfID to think big and invest in Myanmar’s development, but NGOs have some concerns on how the money should be spent. We spoke to several aid implementers who shared their thoughts on the future of U.K. aid in the country.