Anna Patricia Valerio


Anna Patricia Valerio is a Manila-based development analyst focusing on writing innovative, in-the-know content for senior executives in the international development community. Before joining Devex, Patricia wrote and edited business, technology and health stories for BusinessWorld, a Manila-based business newspaper.

Latest Articles

What aid workers are saying about Yemen
12 Jan 2016

The violation of a cease-fire, the abduction of two aid workers and a cyclone are just some of the recent events that have exacerbated already worsening conditions in Yemen. What's happening right now on the ground? Devex spoke with several aid workers in the country to learn more.

When donors fund technology, who owns it?
14 Dec 2015

How is intellectual property ownership of a donor-funded technology or innovation determined? Devex reached out to counsels at USAID and the Gates Foundation to learn more.

4 questions for a young climate leader
3 Dec 2015

Amid the sea of statements emerging from the COP21 summit, the voices of a less-heard but nevertheless important group is at risk of being drowned out: young climate advocates. We talk to Ebai Nakenyo, a young Kenyan climate leader who is in Paris, to learn more about his group's work.

SDGs, according to Google Trends
30 Oct 2015

What can the popularity of search terms tell us about interest in the Sustainable Development Goals? We take a look at Google Trends for a quick overview.

3 mHealth projects you should know about
9 Oct 2015

mHealth is most prominent in Africa and most commonly applied to support maternal health, but it is expanding into other developing countries and health subsectors. We take a closer look at three mHealth projects to learn more.

Project spotlight: Cultural heritage
5 Oct 2015

The preservation of cultural heritage isn't limited to the protection of historic sites. We take a closer look at some of the projects that donors are funding in this area to learn more.

What people really think of the SDGs
25 Sep 2015

Unlike the Millennium Development Goals, the sustainable development goals to be adopted this weekend at the United Nations summit were the result of a broad, consultative process. So what does the public actually think of the SDGs and how to achieve them? We dig into the data from a survey conducted by Ipsos to find out.

How can governments and development partners support SMEs?
14 Sep 2015

The Asian Development Bank's Asia SME Finance Monitor 2014 was launched early this month. We take a look at how governments and development partners can assist SMEs in the region.

Who pays for UN peacekeeping?
14 Sep 2015

The answer depends on whether financial or human costs are considered. We take a closer look at the intricacies of the U.N. peacekeeping budget and contributions from developed and developing countries alike.

Post-2015 era needs smarter, 'streamlined' partnerships
8 Sep 2015

How can partnerships be more effective post-2015? The OECD's latest Development Cooperation Report suggests some answers.