Bester Mulauzi


Bester Mulauzi is the director of program development and quality in South Sudan at Save the Children. At Save the Children, Mulauzi manages a team of 11 senior expatriate staff in one of the most challenging contexts in the world. He is a member of the South Sudan leadership team charged with designing and leading child health and nutrition programs in an extremely challenging environment. As a spokesperson for the organization, he has given voice to the need for increased donor investments in South Sudan. He is also featured in a prominent global development blog and podcast highlighting the maternal and child health crisis in the country.

Latest Articles

Opinion: South Sudan's children need community health workers to survive
22 Jun 2018

Compared to violence from conflict, inadequate access to health care and malnutrition in war-stricken countries kills 20 times the number of children. Save the Children's Bester Mulauzi, director of program development and quality in South Sudan, explains.