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Bill Hinchberger is Devex's Paris correspondent. In his spare time, he's a freelance writer, communications consultant and educator. A native of California, he lived in Latin America for over two decades, reporting for media such as The Financial Times and Business Week. He also served as president of the São Paulo Foreign Press Club and founded the online travel guide Assignments have taken him to over 30 countries, from Cuba to Egypt, India, Kenya, Turkey, and beyond.

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48 hours in Brussels: A development insider's guide

Home to the European Commission and other European institutions, agencies and bodies plus a slew of contractors, sundry NGOs, and Belgian officials — development workers have more than enough to keep them busy in Brussels. Here are some tips that we hope will put some icing on the waffle of your visit.

48 hours in Paris: A development insider's guide
4 Apr 2017

Many development professionals run similar routes for meetings in Paris. Yet we always have extra time. Right? With the OECD Global Forum on Development happening this week, here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your visit to the French capital.

Possible development funding windfall looms as Europe debates FTT
28 Mar 2017

After years of negotiations, a group of 10 European Union member states seems to be making progress on an accord for a financial transaction tax that could pave the way for more international development funding.

5 bold initiatives in flood resilience
2 Nov 2016

As extreme weather events become more commonplace, policymakers and development professionals are taking increasingly bold steps to build resilience in areas at risk of flooding. Devex takes a look at some of the most innovative interventions.

5 things to know before diving into data-driven decision-making
1 Aug 2016

Want to join the "data revolution"? Here are some tips from the experts to help you get going.

Beyond the dashboard: Data for decision-making
25 Jul 2016

Data will be crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Many development organizations are beginning to make more sophisticated use of data and analytics in their decision-making, but more progress is needed. A #DataDriven Week Three feature.

Two way street to development
22 Jun 2016

Development cooperation is becoming more "horizontal" — and being implemented with greater humility. Meanwhile, countries from the "global south" have much to offer their "developed" counterparts, according to Ibero-American Secretariat General Chief Rebeca Grynspan.

Innovative visions: A look through the #WaterWindow
24 May 2016

Innovative responses to the need for greater resilience to flooding is driving a new development narrative. In this Devex #WaterWindow feature — in support of the Global Resilience Partnership’s Water Window Challenge — experts weigh in with their thoughts on obstacles and potential solutions.

GIZ's playbook for tourism development
29 Apr 2016

Germany's GIZ is one of the growing number of donors who are looking to tourism to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. An insider shares details of the agency's playbook with Devex.

Foundations team up to help tackle the SDGs
21 Apr 2016

Largely absent from the drive toward the Millennium Development Goals, leading philanthropic organizations want to establish partnerships that can help make them major players in the follow-up process toward 2030. Devex takes a closer look.