Burton Bollag


Burton Bollag is a freelance journalist living in Washington, D.C. He was based for a number of years in Europe (Geneva, Prague and Bratislava) and as chief international reporter for Chronicle of Higher Education reported widely from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He has also done radio reporting (for NPR from Geneva) and TV reporting from various locations.

Latest Articles

Could global trade rules on e-commerce do more harm than good?
21 Apr 2017

E-commerce represents a huge economic opportunity and the U.N. is pushing for developing countries to improve their capacities. But as experts gather in Geneva, developing countries themselves are divided about whether the drive for global trade rules could cause more harm than good.

Humanitarian attention turns to male victims of sexual violence
21 Mar 2017

The extent of sexual violence against men in conflict settings is gradually coming to light, but advocates argue that little has been done to address their specific medical and psychosocial needs. Several humanitarian organizations are now trying to change that, as a high-level panel meets in Geneva this week to discuss the issue.