Cheryl Bailey


Cheryl Bailey is the assistant director of admissions for Duke University’s mid-career Master of International Development Policy Program at the Duke Center for International Development in the Sanford School of Public Policy. In this role, she manages admissions and recruiting. She has read thousands of files from candidates around the world and brings a solid understanding of what makes a strong application.

Latest Articles

Opinion: How to maximize your letter of recommendation
21 Oct 2017

Cheryl Bailey manages admissions and recruiting for Duke University's mid-career master's of international development policy program. As part of Grad School Week 2017, Bailey shares her top tips for getting a stellar letter of recommendation when applying to graduate school.

Opinion: Applying to grad school — making the most of your personal statement
29 Oct 2016

Passion and the ability to link that drive to your future goals are what set a decent application apart from a great one. The need to clearly communicate this in your personal statement is what ties it all together. Here are tips on how to make yours stand out, and what to avoid, from Duke University's Cheryl Bailey.