Christin Roby


Christin Roby is the West Africa Correspondent for Devex. Based in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, she covers global development trends, health, technology, and policy. Before relocating to West Africa, Christin spent several years working in local newsrooms and earned her Master of Science in videography and global affairs reporting from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Her informed insight into the region stems from her diverse coverage of more than a dozen African nations.

Latest Articles

Ethiopia displacement crisis skyrockets
13 Sep 2018

The latest figures show the number of new internally displaced people in Ethiopia has risen six-fold from last year, surpassing numbers in countries experiencing large-scale conflicts such as Syria and Yemen.

5 new investment funds supporting African agriculture
12 Sep 2018

Access to capital remains a key barrier for African agribusiness but recent years have seen a multiplication of private and blended investment funds supporting the sector. Devex rounds up five whose work is focused on sub-Saharan Africa — including one announced just last week.

Renewed pressure on African governments to lead agricultural transformation
6 Sep 2018

The latest Africa Agriculture Status Report emphasizes the central role of governments in transforming the sector to meet the continent's growing food needs, as leaders discuss the issues at stake at the Africa Green Revolution Forum in Kigali, Rwanda.

5 experimental treatments introduced in latest DRC Ebola outbreak
17 Aug 2018

Efforts to contain the latest Ebola outbreak in DRC have been given a vital boost with the availability of five experimental medicines, WHO experts told Devex, though none have yet been officially licensed.

South Sudan again ranked most dangerous place for aid workers
15 Aug 2018

South Sudan has been ranked the most dangerous country for aid workers for the third consecutive year. The research by Humanitarian Outcomes also showed an uptick in attacks on local and national staff.

Nexus of climate and conflict exacerbates Sahel food security crisis
13 Aug 2018

Poor rains, climate change, conflict, and displacement are conspiring to produce what could be the region's worst food security crisis in years.

Ebola resurfaces in DRC, response stifled by ongoing conflict
8 Aug 2018

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is well-rehearsed in responding to Ebola outbreaks — but as it faces its first outbreak in a conflict zone, humanitarians raise concerns about how quickly it can be contained.

Q&A: How mobile technology can help achieve the SDGs
2 Aug 2018

Yasmina McCarty, head of Mobile for Development at GSMA, speaks to Devex about how mobile technology became a serious part of development efforts, and where the biggest advances are being made.

MSF hands over Ebola response to DRC government
25 Jul 2018

As a period of "heightened observation" continues in DRC following an Ebola outbreak, MSF tells Devex the handover process and exit strategy was much smoother than before thanks to the continuous integration of local health workers in the response.

Democracy in Africa marches forward unevenly
13 Jul 2018

Democratization continues to expand across sub-Saharan Africa, but while some regions of the continent are making strides, others show stagnation.