Claire Luke


Claire is a journalist passionate about all things development, with a particular interest in labor, having worked previously for the Indonesia-based International Labor Organization. She has experience reporting in Cambodia, Nicaragua and Burma, and is happy to be immersed in the action of D.C. Claire is a master's candidate in development economics at the George Washington Elliott School of International Affairs and received her bachelor's degree in political philosophy from the College of the Holy Cross.

Latest Articles

How NGOs can help unleash Cuban remittances
13 May 2015

Remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean are booming, and new U.S. policies toward Cuba mean even more money might flow to the impoverished island nation. But what does that mean for inequality, and what role can NGOs play in channeling remittances to development outcomes?

MCC looks beyond borders in Central America
12 May 2015

As MCC awaits congressional approval to undertake regional compacts, CEO Dana Hyde says the agency has turned attention to Central America, where it is in the nascent stages of building cross-border programs that would be complementary to the administration's proposed $1 billion aid plan for Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala currently stalled in Congress.

Food aid showdown in US Congress
7 May 2015

The Global Food Security Act of 2015 passed the U.S. House of Representatives last month and will be reintroduced to the Senate — but insiders speculate it could be derailed by another effort by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman to reform long-embattled U.S. policies for delivering food aid.

US Congress voices concerns over Central American aid plan
4 May 2015

U.S. officials want Congress to approve a $1 billion aid plan for Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. They've got some more convincing to do.

Can data help end forced labor?
29 Apr 2015

Labor trafficking is becoming harder to track as companies' supply chains intertwine and evolve in an increasingly globalized world. Some experts think better data — and new applications — can help untangle the webs of labor exploitation.

How NGOs can facilitate financial inclusion
28 Apr 2015

The latest Global Findex report measuring financial inclusion showed that despite great gains in banking the unbanked, the gender gap and ensuring bank accounts are actually used remains a challenge. Industry leaders weigh in on steps to move forward

Energy, education steal the spotlight at Summit of the Americas
17 Apr 2015

How will the Summit of the Americas in Panama impact development cooperation efforts, and what are the concrete next steps for collaboration on the continent given the lack of a unified summit declaration? Devex takes a closer look.

In Panama, leaders of the Americas tackle 'prosperity with equity'
9 Apr 2015

It's one historic Summit of the Americas this week, as Cuba makes it maiden appearance. Amid the fanfare, negotiations will focus on how to promote financial inclusion, social mobility and rights of minorities as the region's economy continues to grow.

Remittances: A foot in Cuba's development door?
8 Apr 2015

The few aid organizations working in Cuba are seeing expanded resources thanks to newly eased money transfer restrictions. And as donors await changes to Cuba’s legal landscape that could allow them to begin funding work on the island nation, aid is taking shape in other forms: remittances and private donations.

Why global development professionals and recruiters are on the MBA bandwagon
7 Apr 2015

Recruiters polled in the recent “Devex Career Trends in 2015” survey identified a Master of Business Administration as the second most in-demand degree, right after a master's in international development. So what do MBA graduates offer global development?